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Top 5 Benefits of Working as a VIP Nanny

All nannies love children and working as a nanny, but there are a number of benefits that are specific to working as a nanny for VIPs. These VIP nanny jobs can be hard to find, but if you find one that is right for you, the benefits can be unparalleled. Read on to find out the top 5 reasons to work as a nanny, governess, governor or tutor for VIP families!

  1. High salaries

Of course getting a high salary for working as a nanny is great. VIP nanny jobs usually start at around £1000 per week ($1400) and can increase to $2000 per week or more! Working in a VIP nanny job for only a year should be enough time for you to save the money for a downpayment or a deposit on a house. Nanny jobs with huge salaries are not always easy to come by, but in the VIP market they do exist!

  1. Amazing travel opportunities

VIP nanny jobs often come with the jet set lifestyle. While working as a nanny and taking care of charges, you are likely to travel on yachts and private jets. You may travel to Switzerland to ski, to the Maldives and much more. Some nannies report work trips to amazing places like Japan or Bora Bora. And of course, the South of France is a must for your VIP employer every month. Make sure the kids have got enough suncream on and check your passport hasn’t expired!

  1. Gifts and bonuses

VIP employers are sometimes very generous with their nannies. If you are lucky your nanny job might have an employer who gives you extra cash for birthdays or Christmas, or who gives out random bonuses and extra holiday time! We heard of one nanny whose boss gave her a gift of $10,000 out of the blue one day with the words ‘this is to show our appreciation for your work’. So try to keep your nanny employer happy and go the extra mile in your nanny job whenever you can. It might just end up being worth your while.

  1. Meet interesting people

If you work in a VIP nanny job your employer could be a businessman or a celebrity. This means that the company they keep is likely to be excellent. Prepare to hang out with singers, actors and world class businesspeople. Be sure to be well presented as creating a good impression with your boss’s celebrity pals is key to a happy nanny work life!

  1. The kids

As with all nanny jobs, the real reason to work as a nanny or governess is the kids. Aside from all the glitz and glamour and high salaries you work with children because it is your calling. They make the job, and without them you wouldn’t have your VIP nannying position. So work hard, build a good connection with your kids, and if you do your best you might just find yourself in a VIP role.

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