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Are wedding photography and wedding videography the same?

If you have not figured out the differences between photography and videography, you should know that the difference is in the output, the technique, and to some extent the equipment that is used. Some wedding photographers in Ireland also offer quality videography services, so depending on your requirements; you can always get what you need.

Differences between wedding photography and wedding videography.

1. Director versus documenter

A photographer plays the role of a director in many ways. He will be talking to the available people and helping them position themselves properly for great shorts. A photography expert will ask them to move their hands, look sideways, and move downwards, and more. They will be talking and offering some kind of direction to the people who are in attendance. Most experienced photographers can do this calmly and can help everyone relax for a great photoshoot.

A videographer works in a manner that is opposite that of a photographer. He doesn’t talk to anyone and doesn’t even talk. They capture the real emotions and actions of people during a wedding. Theirs is not candid and will be moving around trying to find

A videographer, on the other hand, is the opposite of a photographer. A videographer is no director; he puts his hands off the proceedings of the wedding. 99 percent of the shots a videographer will take are usually candid and not- posed actions. He will be moving from one position to the other like a ninja trying to find people showing real emotions and laughing so that he can film them and add them to the wedding video.

A videographer scans through the crowds and ensures that everything worth being captured is recorded by the video cameras. In many instances, the people who are being recorded by videographers don’t know that they are being recorded, and that is why you get people laughing their hearts out, crying, and showing all sorts of real emotions. That’s the beauty that comes with videography because the person recording it does so discreetly without the knowledge of anyone.

2. Still versus motion

A photographer shoots while standing still. This is critical for the right shots to be captured. On the other hand, a wedding videographer in Ireland records your wedding event while in motion. This is necessary for them to capture the precious moments that need to record for future references.

3. Frame vs. experience

Photographers take photos that get displayed in your home after the event. If you take good care of them, they will last for many years, and could even become highly prized pieces of art that your great-grandchildren will admire. The photos will help them have an understanding of how their grandmother and grandmother looked like when they were young. That is something that they can be proud of all their lives. 

The videographer provides a record of experience. A video of your wedding will always be reminding you of that experience. If you get to hear the song that you danced to at your wedding being played, then that will remind you of the great moments that you had.

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