In a Delicious Turnabout, Food Network Unveils Its Very First Scripted Project for Discovery+

My lovely wife has the dubious distinction of formally introducing me to the highs and lows of the vaunted Food Network. In the safe confines of our domicile, we’ve imbibed on almost every manner of cooking show and oversized personality that you can think of – The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives, Chopped and Food Network Star are but a few of our after-hours delights that we’ve hungrily devoured over the course of the last five years or so. The arrangements always been a practical yet simple one: We show up in front of our boob tube every evening at the end of our work day with a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and the various and sundry hosts for aforementioned shows provide the cheese in both a literal and figurative sense. But in all of these years of watching the network that Bobby Flay built, there is one creature we’ve never gotten a full glimpse of – the honest-to-Pete scripted movie. After all, why would anyone even tuning into a network called “The Food Network” expect anything more than bake-offs between groups of disparate people from all over the world and the latest “hack” for making popcorn and lasagna? Yet such a bird is about to come into existence courtesy of this culinary network and, in a twist only Jessica Fletcher might have seen coming, said scripted anomaly will premiere not on Food Network but on Discovery+. Curious about how all this came into being, Dear and Constant Reader? Frankly, so are we…

Per those ziti-baking fools over at the ever-cookin’ Hollywood Reporter comes the news this very day that The Food Network has produced a Christmas and food themed movie starring Pioneer Woman herself Ree Drumond, with the caveat that it will be airing on its cousin in all things streaming, Discovery+.

 The movie, entitled Candy Coated Christmas, features actress Molly McCook with Drummond in the supporting role of a candy shop owner in an idyllic and appropriately Christmas-like burg called – we can’t make this stuff up – Peppermint Hollow. The larger story is about a woman returning to the hometown of her mother to lick her wounds from a failed business. Though not outright stated in any materials ye olde sleuth could track down, methinks a whirlwind romance with tons of confectionary sugar is sure to follow; call it a hunch.

In a press release today, the Chief Lifestyle Brands Officer of Discovery, Inc. Kathleen Finch explained that the move of running a Food Network produced movie on Discovery+ made sense: “We have the biggest female audience in all of cable. Across our nets, 30 percent of the available women watching cable at night are watching one of our lifestyle networks. We have those women. We can see where they go when they’re not watching us, and we know they love holiday movies.”

If you’re curious, even morbidly so, you can check out The Food Network’s first foray into the Promised Land of Scripted with Candy Coated Christmas on Discovery+ November 19!

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