Find comfort in Celina Smith’s “Don’t let me down” in your moments of sadness

Celina Smith is an upcoming musical genius who has taken the industry by the storm. She has been showing us back-to-back hits as she keeps releasing new tracks. We don’t know what she has in store for the future, but we can’t wait for it, and neither can the fans.

“Don’t let me down” is a song that acts as your outlet for letting it all out. No matter what gets you down, this song will be there for you to relate to and let it all out. Music is a great medium for expressing feelings and “Don’t let me down” is a very good choice for it.

Rumor Records have been very open and vocal with Celina on how she wants the song to turn out. They have respected her decisions and offered her suggestions to make the song approachable to new listeners. There was no doubt that this collaboration would yield such an awesome result.

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