Moving to Texas Guide: 10 Things to Expect When Relocating

Texas is a fantastic state to decide to move to. With recent economic prospects looking rosy, many Americans are considering the Lonestar State as their location of choice. If you look at some of the panoramic vistas the state offers, it’s not hard to see why it draws people in so much. However, before you put down roots in Texas, there are a few things you ought to learn about the state you’re moving to. Texas can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared for the move. has helped hundreds of people relocate to the Lonestar State. This handy guide will give you a rundown on what to expect in Texas when you relocate.

1.   Prepare Yourself For the Weather

Texas is one of the hotter states, and average temperatures in the summer could get up to 100F. The heat isn’t the only thing the state has going for it since it also averages the largest number of tornadoes out of all other states in the US. Texas’s weather is unpredictable, and any resident will tell you it’s one of the things the state is known for. If you’re not a fan of dealing with warm weather, you might want to reconsider your move to this state. However, if you like hot, balmy summers with a light sprinkle of rain (and the occasional storm), you’d fit right in here.

2.   Don’t Be Too Alarmed When You See Guns Everywhere

Texas is a state that has freedom as part of its DNA. You’ll see people talking about it a lot, and it’s one of the places in the US where most people carry around guns. A recent law may soon see Texans able to carry around guns in public with a permit. If you’re from some less gun-present states, you might initially be shocked at how Texans treat their firearms and how they enter into conversation. Don’t be worried about it too much – that’s just the culture of the state. If you’re a gun-lover, the state still has permit laws that you need to obey if you intend to get a firearm. Once you follow the rules, everything should be okay.

3.   Real Estate is Not Exorbitant

All over the country, rental prices and sale prices for land and houses seem to go up constantly. Living in big cities might make you think that the average price for a property should be several million dollars. One of the first things people who relocate to Texas realize is that renting costs a lot less than in other states, and property prices are dirt cheap. In the heart of Dallas, one of the state’s largest cities, you can get a monthly rental for as little as $1,100. In New York, that same price tag won’t even net you a broom closet, much less a fully furnished apartment.

4.   Lots of Outdoors to Explore

Texas is the kind of place where wide-open spaces are the norm. Once you leave the city limits of a city, there’s a lot of Texas that you can spend the rest of your life exploring and getting to know. Between state and national parks, you’ll never run out of wilderness to explore. If you’re a fan of camping off-grid, there are enough campgrounds to satisfy any level of camper. Fishing and hunting happen within the season, but you’ll need to ensure you get your licenses sorted out. Game wardens tend to be pretty strict in the region, so not keeping up with your licensing can lead to trouble with the authorities.

5.   Everything is Bigger

One of the unofficial mottos of the state is “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” and it shows. Because of the climate and the weather down here, the bugs can be massive in size. From roaches to scorpions, we have our share of giant critters. If you’re outdoorsy and spend a lot of time exploring the wilderness, remember that things are always one size larger than you expect. But the creepy crawlies aren’t the only big things in the state. Portion sizes at restaurants and even the burgers you get here are a measure larger than anywhere else. Texans have a huge appetite, and the food is superb, so you’ll always find more than you’re looking for at any restaurant visit.

6.   State Pride is Huge

You won’t lack for people telling you how much they love the state. If you’re someone who has a lot of preconceptions about the state or uses stereotypes to describe Texans, you probably won’t be making a lot of friends. Instead, try to understand why Texans love their state. They’re down-to-earth people who appreciate the American things in life and are huge on freedom and democracy. Their state values carry over to their daily activities. If you want to make friends out of Texans, ask them about their state and learn from what they tell you. Their state pride is most apparent when it comes to football season.

7.   Better Catch Up on Football

Texas eats, breathes, and sleeps football. From the smallest towns to massive cities, football is on everyone’s tongue, regardless of if they’re male or female. You can almost always get into a conversation about football with a Texan and leave with them having a better opinion of you, even if you’re supporting the “wrong team” (which is any team that’s not Texan, of course). Texas has more Division 1 football teams than any other state, which adds to their football fanaticism. They aren’t picky about the level either. Texans will support college and high school teams alongside the pros. There’s no discrimination on league standing here.

8.   Power Is Also Inexpensive

Electricity is a considerable concern in some states. Recent issues with Texas’s grid have had a few people wondering whether it makes sense to move to the state. The state board has assured residents that the problems have been sorted out, helping everyone feel a bit more confident in the state’s distribution system. Texas offers one of the lowest costs for electricity in the US. Texas’s electricity market is deregulated, allowing users to choose who supplies them with power. These companies buy power from the grid at a specific price then sell it to consumers at a markup. However, if the markup is too high, the company won’t get any customers. It’s a great example of the free-market system that Texans love so much.

9.   Public Transport is More Limited

Most people coming to Texas from larger cities are used to having convenient public transport to get them around their region. Texas is a bit different. The state is massive, and public transportation doesn’t cover all the places you’d want to go. Additionally, it’s not really efficient for getting around since you may have to walk back to where you intended to go, taking up extra time and energy. If you want consistent and reliable transport, you should consider getting a private vehicle or looking into rideshare services that cover your area. Ideally, driving is the best way to get where you want to go, since there’s a lot of parking.

10. The Food is Divine

Foodies around the country come to Texas to experience its cuisine because it’s a unique mixture of Southern American cooking and Mexican dishes. If you’re into barbecues, Texans have perfected the art of smoking meats, making them one of the capitals of barbecue in the world. If you’re more into spicy food, Mexican cuisine has fused with the local American dishes to create TexMex. This fusion of cultures and food creates tastes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As any Texan will tell you, the TexMex you get here is vastly superior to any you’d find anywhere else in the world.

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