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Why fiber is important in our diet

Dietary fiber has many benefits and is an important ingredient of everyday diet. They are found in foods such as fresh vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Generally, fiber is indigestible and can be categorized as soluble or insoluble. The best sources of fiber include bananas, legumes, apples, citrus fruits, barley, and oats among others.

Reasons why fiber is important

There are several reasons why fiber is considered to be an important part of your diet, and among these reasons include:

1. Fiber helps to improve your digestive health

Dietary fiber is beneficial to your digestive system. The insoluble fiber help in adding bulk to your stool, making it soft and preventing constipation. Soluble fibers help to slow digestion, and this helps to ensure that your body derives maximum benefit from the food which it consumes. Fibers also reduce your chances of getting gastrointestinal disorders. You should choose whole-grain cereals and bread as opposed to those which have been made from refined flour.

2. It helps you manage your weight

A fiber-rich diet helps to keep your weight within a healthy range. This is because fiber has low calories and will fill your stomach for a longer time. It lessens hunger and also ensures that you avoid overeating. The amount of nutrients that fiber contains is also minimal, so your body gets fewer calories in total than what it would have gotten if you would have eaten other types of foods.

3. Offers lots of cardiovascular benefits

When you eat more food that has more fiber, you eat less bad cholesterol, which benefits your body tremendously. Deposits of plague are formed in your arteries when there is a lot of cholesterol in your blood, and this interferes with blood flow, contributes to the formation of clots, and also raises the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments. With more fiber, the amount of bad cholesterol that is absorbed into your bloodstream is reduced significantly, therefore helping to keep it within a healthy range.

4. Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar level

Type 2 diabetes develops in your body when a lower amount of insulin is produced than what the body requires. Moreover, the body may resist the insulin which it makes, therefore leading to excessively high sugar levels. By eating food that is rich in soluble fiber such as bananas, you can control the amount of blood sugar that is in your body.

5. Offers powerful anti-inflammatory effects

Any time your body gets challenged by an infection, it will respond by showing signs of inflammation. This is normally the case during the onset of ailments that include asthma, arthritis, cancer, and asthma among others. It has been proven that people who eat foods that have high fiber content can resist these ailments and reduces the risks of death that these diseases cause.

Besides fiber, you should include health supplements in your diet since most of the time; your body may not get all the nutrients that it requires from your diet.

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