“Famously Haunted: Amityville” Documentary Headed to Free Streaming Service Tubi

It’s that time of the year when the days begin to get shorter and the nights longer. Depending on where you hang your respective hats, the evenings have a little bite of chill to them letting you know that summer has ambled on down the pike, not to be seen for months. The shadows fall longer, too, imbuing even the most benign corners with a hint of something sinister and not altogether right.

 With October now here and Halloween just a couple of weeks away from us, streaming platform Tubi – notable for its breadth of television and film that are all completely free to consumers – has rolled out the welcome mat for what many consider to be the Mount Everest of American haunted houses; I’m speaking here of the reputedly haunted house on 112 Ocean Avenue in the tiny burg of Amityville, New York. You know the house I’m talking about Dear and Constant Reader. In 1974 twentysomething Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family in that particular home and just a few years later it made even more headlines as the Lutz family claimed they were driven from the old Colonial by ghostly and demonic entities. It’s right about that time that what was fact and what was fiction began to blur in regards to the Amityville house: A flurry of books and countless movies bombarded the pop culture world, all of them perpetuating what may have – and what may not have – occurred within the four walls of the Amityville house. If you were a fan of cheese and over-the-top, then in best P.T. Barnum style, this was your bird. However, if you were a serious student of the paranormal and of history itself, it was a frustrating endeavor indeed to ferret out the truth behind one of the most purportedly haunted houses in the blessed world. Now, decades later, Tubi is attempting to get to the bottom of the case in an all-new two hour documentary on the so-called “Amityville horror” according to our frightening cohorts over at Bloody Disgusting.

Entitled Famously Haunted: Amityville, this original documentary is a deep-dive into the story of the Amityville horror, as well as an attempt to separate fact from fiction: Is the Amityville house truly haunted, or is the whole thing an elaborate hoax?

Here’s the Tubi press release for Famously Haunted: Amityville.

“When infamous Amityville killer Ronnie DeFeo died behind bars earlier this year, social media blew up with a new wave of armchair detectives obsessed with the real-life horror story. Everyone wanted to know: was DeFeo’s ‘the devil made me do it’ defense simply a ploy, or did something truly evil drive the 23-year-old to savagely shoot his parents and four siblings in cold blood inside their home nearly 50 years ago? And how was all of this connected to the ghostly hauntings that drove the new residents from the same house just one year later?

“In the Tubi two-hour documentary special, ‘Famously Haunted: Amityville’, we’ll navigate the web of true crime and paranormal that’s kept viewers tangled up in the Amityville tale for generations. Key players will come together with a new chorus of voices to unpack fan theories, re-examine key pieces of evidence, and showcase gripping archival footage –including a world-exclusive– and determine once and for all what really happened at one of America’s most famously haunted addresses.”

Famously Haunted: Amityville will haunt your television sets beginning this October 15.

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