“That ‘70s Show” Returns with Sequel Series “That ‘90s Show”

The Bonnie and Terry Turner/Mark Brazil-created series That ‘70s Show hit televisions at a time when nostalgia for all things 1970s-related was at an all-time high: Bell bottoms were making an ill-advised return en masse and, along with capturing the generations that actually lived through the era of Watergate, gas shortages, Carter and disco, the eight season series pulled a neat trick in fascinating the Millennial generation who viewed the references of lava lamps and mood rings almost as if they were relics from an ancient and lost civilization which, come to think of it, they kind of were. Featuring a lineup of seasoned veteran actors alongside a fresh group of up and coming actors, That ‘70s Show was a consistent ratings scorer for its home network of Fox and even inspired a short-lived spinoff entitled That ‘80s Show (for all of you Trivial Pursuit junkies out there), which really had nothing to do with the first series…

Fast-forward to late 2021 when nostalgia is again the order of the day in these tempestuous times and it’s no real surprise to see our flannel festooned pals from The Hollywood Reporter announcing an actual sequel series to That ‘70s Show entitled – wait for it! – That ‘90s Show. Other than the decade shakeup, perhaps the biggest difference between this iteration of those crazy Point Place teens and its earlier incarnation is that, rather than the new show airing on Fox, this follow-up will call streaming platform Netflix its new home.

That ‘90s Show picks up the thread from the earlier series with the return of veteran actors Kurtwood Smith (Dead Poets Society) and Debra Jo Rupp (Friends) who reprise their roles of husband and wife team Red and Kitty Forman. This time out, the two must contend with their granddaughter spending the summer with them in the fictional Wisconsin town of Point Place. Their granddaughter is, of course, the daughter of the original show’s two leads Eric and Donna (known in Real Life as actors extraordinaire Laura Prepon and Topher Grace who may or may not cameo in the new series). While visiting with her grandparents, Leia Forman finds her own group of friends, replicating the dynamic, 90s style, of the original series.

 So when can we all view That ‘90s Show for ourselves? Netflix has officially ordered ten episodes of the series and word ‘round campfire has it that the series proper will drop like the Macarena sometime in 2022. In the meantime, keep your peeper’s peeled to Vents for any and all new information on a show we never really thought we’d get (but it does sound sorta fun, doesn’t it?) but perhaps the one we all deserve; “Hello Wisconsin!”

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