How to Load Upholstery Staple Gun

How to Load Upholstery Staple Gun

An upholstery staple gun is a tool used to staple fabric. It is most often used on furniture but is also helpful in attaching insulation or plastic sheeting. The gun is easy to use. To use an upholstery staple gun, you need the correct loading. Read on to learn more on how to load an upholstery staple gun.

How to Load Upholstery Staple Gun

Staple guns have two different loading mechanisms: gravity feed or magazine-style loaders. Gravity feed models require the user to pull out individual staples from a storage compartment manually. In contrast, magazine-style models have a spring-loaded tray from which you can load the staples.

Loading a Gravity Feed Model

1) Loosen toggle clamp on the gun just enough to pull the nose of the stapler up and off. If you open it too far, it will release tension from the inside mechanism, and you will have difficulty reattaching the nose. If your hands are not strong enough to loosen the clamp, you may need to use pliers or channel lock pliers.

2) Pull head assembly back until it locks; this is where the staple storage compartment door should face down.

3) Open storage chamber door at the bottom of staple gun using a screwdriver or another tool (screwdriver tip must fit into a small hole or it won’t be easy to open)

4) Fill storage compartment with staples. Do not use T-50 style, which is more significant than 1/2 inch; use 3/8 inch

5) Close the storage door by pushing it down firmly

6) Pull head assembly out slightly and push toggle clamp until it locks. Your staple gun is now ready to use

Loading a Magazine Style Model

1) Open the nose of the stapler as you would do for a gravity feed model

2) Push “tray” all the way in, exposing a slot through which you can feed your material

3) Place staple strip through the slot, so one line of staples faces up – this is crucial to work smoothly

4) Allow about an inch of the strip to hang out past the edge of the slot. This will allow the storage compartment enough room to close properly when you finish the work

5) Close nose by pushing down firmly

6) Your staple gun is now ready to use

Tips & Warning

· Some models may need you to hold the toggle clamp down with one hand while pulling the head back with another hand. Otherwise, tension may pop off and make it difficult for you to reattach the nose again

· Loading instructions vary by model; consult your user manual if unsure of how to load your particular brand, style, or model

· Always wear safety glasses; staples can ricochet unexpectedly, could seriously injure eyesight, or cause blindness

· Use caution when removing or attaching nose assembly; it is easy to pinch fingers in toggle clamp if you open it too far

· Keep hands out of the path of staples and drive mechanism at all times. – Never put fingers anywhere near where the stapler drives staples.

. Keep staple guns away from reach of children to avoid accidents


Loading a staple gun is simple and very safe. With the suitable model for your needs, loading it will be quick and easy too! Gravity feed models require you to drop staples in from the top, while magazine-style models allow you to load them through a side door or on an angle. Once loaded with staples, all that’s left is pulling back the handle on some gravity feed guns or pressing down on others until they lock into place. Before using any staple gun, always read directions carefully. Also, follow safety tips such as wearing gloves when possible since upholstery can sometimes contain sharp objects like metal tacks which could cause minor cuts if mishandled. Now get those pesky wrinkles out of your couch cushions.

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