Colleen Green Sticks To The Routine On ‘Cool’

Colleen Green seems to be a creature of habit and routine. She’s always wearing her dark sunglasses. Her albums are always lo-fi indie rock with a drum beat that is often quite similar. This was even true when she covered Blink-182’s Dude Ranch song for song, which I paid money for. She’s got a chill and laidback vibe – I’ve only ever been able to be so much of a fan after I found out her Twitter handle was @colleengreen420 – but her songs are often unexpectedly confessional. I really dug her first EP, which is just so catchy even if it’s lo-fi even for her. I have a soft spot in my heart for I Want to Grow Up because I love the album art and the song “TV” really speaks to me. As such, when she releases something new I always give it a shot.

For whatever reason, I was a little hesitant to listen to Green’s new album Cool. Maybe it’s because I felt like I knew was I was going to be getting into. Sure, I like what I’ve heard in the past, but perhaps that quelled the excitement a bit. Eventually, though, I did listen to Cool. It was…exactly what I expected.

Again, this is not a bad thing. Cool sounds like a Colleen Green album and that is a sound I have long had an affinity for. The songs have a hint of similarity to them but they are catchy. She gets confessional again. Green’s sound is as reliable as her sunglasses, and that means she’s made another album I enjoy. While I don’t know anything about her personal life, songs like “How Much Should You Love a Husband” and “I Believe in Love” do lead to some drawn conclusions about her inspiration for the lyrics on this album. It would also be an unusual bit of unexpected material from Green, at least based on “Deeper Than Love.” Of course, that song is a few years old at this point. People are allowed to change, even when their sound doesn’t.

I don’t think anything from Cool is going to make my regular rotation. I liked the album, and I will probably listen to it again. There just wanted any song that really grabbed me. There are no lyrics that hit me like a brick. It’s a capable album from a capable musician. I’m not asking Colleen Green to do anything different, and she doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing so anyway. It’s a match that works.

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