What Lessons Viraj Patil Learned That Empowered Him as a Leader and Mentor


Virat Patil is a leader and mentor of thousands of people. He is a life coach and an influencer who aspires to empower the people around him. Apart from this, he is also a successful consultant but what matters the most is his journey.

Belonging to an ordinary family of Mumbai, India, Viraj led a life with financial constraints just like many other nationals of the developing country. His parents raised him with whatever resources they could afford and made sure that his education did not suffer. He always knew how much effort they were both putting in order to maintain his education which led him to never demand more. When he began working after completing his education at the age of 21 and started grinding his soul in the painful 9-5 routine, he realized he was not made for this. In fact, he could do so much more.

His parents, family, and friends told him otherwise, but his heart was set on doing something else. His heart won the battle and his race to chase his dreams began.

It is true when people say your gut feelings are never wrong. Within a short time, he excelled at his work and transformed the life of his family completely. Something he would not have been able to do had he not quit his job.

Viraj puts forward the life lessons he learned throughout his journey that empowered him as a leader and mentor, helping him in creating useful content for his audience.

Exhibit Self-Confidence

Being confident in your abilities is very important as it makes you comfortable with yourself. This kind of self-worth is contagious. When others see the confidence you exhibit, they feel inclined to follow your lead. You become an inspiration for those who seek your confidence.

Seek Self Development

Knowledge is power. And pursuing knowledge should never stop, but should be a lifelong process as it develops your mind and soul. For the development of your body, make healthy food choices and exercise. An individual who is constantly in motion to enhance his potential and skills makes a great leader.

Keep Yourself Positive

Having a positive mindset makes achieving your goals easier. If you think you can do it, then there is nothing that can stop you. A good leader keeps track of his strengths and weaknesses. His strengths give him confidence and boost and his weakness provides an opportunity to improve.

Give Respect and Earn It

Viraj believes that being respectful towards others in your dealings is vital to successful and fruitful relationships. Being respectful, displaying a good attitude attracts people towards you and respect your opinions too.

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