Alexander Richard Rae: Emerging Talent Of The Music Industry

Are you bored of your old playlist and looking to add some energetic rap to it? This article is all about such an awe-inspiring personality who has set the music industry on fire with his phenomenal singing skills and amazingly produced rappers. Meet Alexander Richard Rae also known as Lil Rae who is a Scottish-born Gen-Z rapper. He has marked his spot in the industry with his talent and hard work and is the rising star of music. 

Lil Rae stepped into the world of music as early as when he was only 17 and since then, he never stopped influencing and inspiring masses with his songs. He marked the start of his journey with the release of his first song, “Philophobia” which was recorded in Wellington. The song was released on streaming platforms including SoundCloud and Youtube. Visit  his official YouTube page to stream it yourself. It is produced and composed so brilliantly that it has received over 15 million views internationally to date. Philophobia is a masterpiece with lyrics that are so relatable to someone if he’s a baller and even if he isn’t- the excellent lyricism of the song will make him feel like one.

Shortly after, the talented music artist, Lil Rae released another banger with similar energy as previous ones and it also gained a lot of appreciation from the audience. The track is featuring the late Hella Sketchy, his first international feature guest alongside an animated video posted on Lil Rae’s official youtube channel. This is not yet. Lil Rae continued to amaze his fans by releasing hits one after another. Enjoy all of his top hits tracks on SoundCloud and Spotify. In the following year, he released a debut that included a set of tracks, all contributing to his masterly portfolio. Rae dropped his debut EP, “Hot and Cold” featuring six extraordinary great singles named, When I am Gone(Intro), Nitrous, Pick Me Up Then Let Me Fall, Feeling XO, Stay, and Crazy ( Outro). All of these hits are produced, composed, and written by the masterminded artist, Lil Rae himself. 

After making his name in the industry, he further worked hard to make his songs better and his next mixtape debut itself is proof of this fact. The debut is released under the name “Enter the Void” consisting of 8 tracks and gained over 1,000,000 streams while paying homage to NewZealand rap with underground shows in NewZealand at his Lost In The Void Mini-Tour. All of his singles and albums are available on social media platforms like Apple Music and others.He also shut down BayDreams- North main stage in January. 

Lil Rae is all geared up to produce better music in the future and is doing so in present as well. He launched his new single, “Envy” this year that has already left his fans speechless. In May, he performed with Lil bubblegum and Amol. Not only this but he also established his sub-brand XRAE, partnering with GLOCSTARR. Rae worked with White Label and NewZealand On Air Music, recording with Letoa and KatanaMoney. He remains a silent member of GMQ along with working on his upcoming mixtape, ETV 2. Lil Rae Launched his new singles ‘Envy’ & ‘Things I See’.

The vibe, the energy, and his raps are just unique and will definitely leave you spellbound with its powerful lyrics and production. For more updates, follow him on his Instagram, Instagram or contact him on his email, [email protected]

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