INTERVIEW: Christy Bellis

VENTS: Hi Christy, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

CB: Hi! I’m really good, thank you for having me!

VENTS: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Bridesmaid”?

CB: Bridesmaid is the lead track on my EP Human Nature, it’s ultimately a pop track that’s heavily inspired by reggae. I began writing the lyrics to this song and I had the melody line for the chorus in my head for a while, but the feel for the music itself didn’t come till later. The reggae influence felt as though it just happened to fall into place the more I built the track, I wanted to give a nod to the intricate use of vocal harmony within reggae as well as the raw social commentary we hear within the style.

Ultimately the idea of Bridesmaid is to twist the negative connotations of the saying ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ to see the positive side. I wanted to flip the narrative, one that particularly as woman we are so used to hearing about being single, on its head and celebrate independence and self worth.

VENTS: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

CB: I mean I won’t go into too many details haha, but this song de finitely stems from my own personal experience, and its not just one isolated event. Being ‘Ghosted’ is the main inspiration, you hear this in the opening line ‘oh here he strikes again, the ghost, the man.’ Ghosting in itself is an effect of modern dating, and i’ve seen it happen to so many other people too, its almost like an epidemic amongst my generation now!

VENTS: How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

CB: We shot the video on the hottest day of the year, which looks great with the vibe of the song, but it didn’t make it easy on any of us! I really enjoyed the shoot, it was amazing to explore Liverpool in the video and to give a nod towards a city I love and the Merseyside music scene that I’m really excited to become a part of. I wanted to also pull out elements of a bridal theme without making the video about a wedding, so the white trouser suit i’m wearing along with props such as the bouquet and the confetti hint towards this

VENTS: The single comes off your new EP behind the title? Human Nature – what’s the story?

CB: I decided to call the EP Human Nature after playing around with various ideas. I was bouncing back and forth between different lyrics from the tracks but kept coming back to Human Nature which is also the title of one of the tracks on the EP. For me it sums up the songs as a collective as

all the songs explore human nature in different ways. They look at how, whether good or bad, our behaviour and impulses are often excused because ‘its just the way things are’ or ‘the way we are wired.’

VENTS: What aspect of humanity did you get to explore on this record?

CB: Overall I think the EP explores human behaviour, particularity that of relationships in a modern society; but these are things that have always been there, they just present themselves differently now we have smartphones and dating apps. It is a look on humanity from a woman’s point of view and more speci fically my own. And I’m not naive in understanding that not every woman’s experience of being a woman is the same, but I hope I offer a voice that someone can relate to and feel heard.

VENTs: How was the recording and writing process?

CB: The writing process initially began about two and a half years ago when I first put pen to paper and started writing songs. Although i’ve been a singer for a long time I’d subconsciously told myself that I couldn’t write songs and I didn’t really ever give it a go. But as certain events happened in my life and I was becoming more aware of the world around me, having on outlet for my thoughts became a necessity. I was living in London at the time, which is a very crowded but often lonely city and writing became an escape for me.

Most of my songs have just started out as thoughts I’ve had on a train journey, or at home, wherever it may be and I have then pieced them together afterwards. I tend to write lyrics with a melody in my head and I’m then left                 figuring out what key it’s in, the chords it needs and how am I going to make this into a complete piece of music. Even though the last year and a half has been tough for everyone for many reasons, it did afford me time to sit down, put these songs together and turn my GarageBand demos into what you hear now. The production itself was done at home with my dad (Nick Bellis) which was great because we had complete creative control of the tracks, and its something to look back on and be really proud of.

VENTS: Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

CB: Ultimately the songs and lyrics are inspired by my own lived experience and how I perceive the world around me, however they are also inspired by my love for music. I come from a very musical family, its made up of some musicians but mostly people who just love and appreciate music. Because of this my musical in fluences are quite eclectic from classic rock to 80’s synth-pop as well as taking inspiration from theatre and film. I think this varied in fluence is shown throughout the EP, in which I hoped to capture the mood and the story of the songs through the music.

VENTS: What else is happening next in Christy Bellis’ world?

CB: The next step for me now is getting up on stage, I can’t wait to perform my songs live for a crowd. Nothing has been announced currently but there are gigs in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on my social media. In between this I’m going to keep writing, as well as producing more of my songs that are sat in a note pad ready to be brought to life. I’m really excited to see what this next year has in store for me.

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