Language Education in Singapore

There are several educational institutes in Singapore. They all focus on general subjects such as sciences, mathematics, engineering, and so forth, but as a non-English speaking country, Singapore has ensured that language is taught in most, if not all, schools.

Two primary languages are taught at a top English language school in Singapore: Mandarin and English. However, French and Japanese have also been becoming popular language classes, as observed in the number of enrollees per year. Moreover, even non-Singaporeans have been enrolling in online classes in Singapore institutes because of the quality of education they offer to students.

Educational Specifics

1. Teachers – English and Mandarin are taught by only the best teachers. All educators have degrees, Masters, and doctorates in varying subjects, such as English, Philosophy, Linguistics, Communication Sciences, and even Human Sciences. In addition, they are all TESL (Teaching English as a second language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) certified, and all of them have teaching licenses. Aside from these credentials, all the teachers have several years of experience under their belts, teaching English and Mandarin to all cultures.

2. Classes – Top English language school in Singapore offers several types of classes in all languages they teach. There are one-on-one classes, classes for children, business classes, and online ones, aside from others. In addition, there are conversational Chinese lessons and corporate Chinese courses for the Mandarin language, in addition to the ones already mentioned. Classes are available for adults of all ages and children from Kinder 2 onwards. These language institutes believe that the earlier children pick up the language, the more akin they are to learning it and becoming fluent.

3. English – Language institutions offer personalized English classes to non-English speakers, allowing uninterrupted study and teacher focus per student. However, group lessons are also encouraged so that the students can make friends with each other and practice speaking English with each other, learning not only the language but the culture as well.


Top English language schools in Singapore are very well-rounded. They not only focus on learning the language but cultivate other aspects such as culture and interaction too. As a result, teachers have high credibility. Moreover, they are credible since their focus is not on the language itself but on how it is taught and affects human interaction, especially in a non-English speaking country such as Singapore.

Unsurprisingly, Singapore is considered a first-world country and one of the top Asian countries when it comes to a stable economy and high standards of living. Part of Singapore’s success can be credited to its citizens’ ability to speak and interact with most cultures, especially other first-world countries like Europe and the US.

Enrolling in a top English language school in Singapore will teach you the language and English culture as well. Students are highly motivated by their teachers and encouraged to practice by themselves and with their fellow students, which builds a culture of camaraderie within the language school and outside.

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