Why You Need to Know about the Origin of CBD Cream

CBD creams and other CBD topicals are a popular option for people looking to treat external aches and pains and areas of inflammation within the body. The idea of using hemp-derived products to treat such ailments is not a new one and is one of the oldest known uses of hemp plants.

A relatively new trend in the wellness industry is CBD extract being used in cosmetic products. The benefits of CBD are no longer limited to medical creams and can now be found in many beauty products.

As with any rapidly expanding industry, the quality of products can vary greatly. One of the areas of contention when it comes to CBD creams and topicals is regarding the information and labeling of products. While most brands provide detailed product information, there are a few who do not.

Why is labeling and source information so important with CBD creams?

CBD Creams and Their Labeling

The majority of CBD cosmetics, and even pain remedy creams, are often sold as simply containing CBD. The information provided with these products will state how much CBD they have and rarely any further information.

As a result of the limited information provided with many CBD creams, it is unsurprising that most people believe CBD products to contain only CBD. This is, however, not true there are a few different types of CBD, and each one offers slightly different effects.

It is not just the type of CBD that impacts the effectiveness of a product but also where it originates from. The origin of the CBD used in creams can be an essential factor in both the quality and effectiveness of the products.

Understanding Where CBD Comes From

CBD is extracted from hemp plants and is just one of the many cannabinoids found within the plant. Hemp plants are also rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins which can benefit the body.

Not all hemp plants are the same, and the precise ratio and range of cannabinoids that they contain vary based on the exact strain. The climate and the soil in which the hemp plants are grown are also significant factors in determining the quality of the CBD that is extracted.

Single source CBD is considered to deliver the best quality as it ensures that all of the CBD used within a product is of the same strain and has been grown in the same conditions. Most popular CBD brands work closely with a small, carefully selected number of hemp farms. This allows them to ensure consistent quality and level of effectiveness across all of their products.

Cheaper CBD products are sometimes made using CBD that has been sourced from multiple suppliers. These products can still provide effective results. However, they can be slightly harder to ensure consistency.

Different Types of CBD

Knowing the origin of the CBD used in creams is also essential for understanding the type of CBD contained within the cream. There are three types of CBD; isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum; each name refers to the range of cannabinoids contained within the final product.

Full-spectrum CBD retains all of the cannabinoids and other plant compounds that are found within hemp plants. Many people prefer full-spectrum CBD products as the different cannabinoids are thought to work together, offering more noticeable and enhanced effects within the body.

CBD isolate creams are different in that they only contain CBD and no other compounds from within the hemp plant. Filtration methods are used to ensure that all other plant particulate has been removed from the CBD extract before it is used in manufacturing.

Broad-spectrum CBD creams offer a middle ground between the other two types of CBD and contain some but not all of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Broad-spectrum creams don’t contain the cannabinoid; THC. 

Do You Always Need to Know the Origin of CBD Cream?

Knowing the precise origin of CBD creams is not vital but provides much greater detail and quality assurance for the consumer. Knowing where CBD has been sourced from can be helpful in learning which strains and growing conditions provide the best effects for an individual. Everyone responds differently to CBD, and so origin information can be beneficial in this way.

Most brands should provide basic origin information for all of their products along with the finding from lab testing that has taken place. Lab reports are another valuable tool as they give a complete cannabinoids breakdown so that the consumer can see exactly what goes into each product.

It is best to stick to reputable brands that openly provide origin information about their products when purchasing CBD creams. The more detail is given, the better the quality is likely to be.

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