Beginner Preparation for MB-340 Microsoft Exam

Today’s businesses put credibility as one of their main selling points. Therefore, modern companies always hire those who have a skill, especially if that skill has been acknowledged. For that reason, a certificate could bring a huge difference in your opportunity to get a better position in a company. This time, we are going to learn more about MB-340 Microsoft, an exam to get a certification in using Dynamics 365 Commerce.

What is the MB-340 Exam?

MB-340 is an exam that will test your capability in using Dynamics 365 Commerce software. The candidates that take this exam have to know and understand how to configure, deploy, and maintain Dynamics 365 Commerce software. Furthermore, you also should understand how to provide support by using this software for business purposes.

What Kind of Job or Position You Can Get with MB-340 Certification? 

Mostly, you can enter and get the job that relies on Dynamics 365 Commerce, either as the core software or the supporting tool for the system. It means you have a wider range of career path choices. This certification allows you to be a software/system developer, information worker, IT practitioner, or a professional/specialist of Dynamics 365 Commerce.

However, most of the candidate aims to be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant with this certification. This position is in high demand because many companies have implemented digital and IT systems in their business. It is necessary to provide a service that matches modern people’s needs. Plus, this implementation also helps them to work more efficiently and compete with other companies.

The Skill Measured in MB-340 Exam

As we explained above, the exam will see whether you can configure, deploy, and manage the system by using Dynamics 365 Commerce software. So, here we have more detailed information about the percentage or ratio of the topic in this exam. This information will help you to prepare which part that you should aim for maximum score.

– Configure Dynamics 365 Commerce Headquarters (25-30%)

– Configure prices, discounts, products, loyalty, as well as affiliations (25-30%)

– Manage Point of Sales (POS) in Dynamics 365 Commerce (15-20%)

– Configure and manage Dynamics 365 Commerce call centers (10-15%)

– Manage e-commerce (15-20%)

Now, you already know what kind of topic that you have to learn to be able to succeed in the MB-340 exam. The next thing you should do is preparing to take this test. The method is similar to other tests. You have to study the topic. Internet is the best place to find the material that you can use for this exam preparation. However, you can try to read the free preparation course from Microsoft, which is pretty good material to learn about.

Learning Material from Microsoft

Here are two essential learning path packages that you can use to prepare for MB-340.

  • Get started with Dynamics 365 Commerce

It helps you to know every aspect, feature, and function of Dynamics 365 Commerce. It is a good material to start, especially if this is your first time using this software. In this package, you can get four modules, which are:

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Get started with Dynamics 365 Commerce channels
  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Commerce architecture and deployment
  • Get started with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
  • Configure and work with omnichannel prerequisites in Dynamics 365 Commerce

This package helps you to learn more about how to set up Dynamics 365 Commerce. Before you or any company uses this software, these steps are essential to avoid some mistakes in the future. You can learn how to create a successful Commerce channel and work with them. In this package, there are four modules you can use.

  • Configure omnichannel prerequisites in Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Manage retail hierarchies in Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Work with merchandising in Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Manage retail pricing in Dynamics 365 Commerce


That’s everything about the MB-340 exam. We hope you can pass the exam with the best result. However, if you want more guarantees to get through the exam, you also can use exam questions. It is a collection of MB-340 exam questions with answers that you can use as exam simulation. Try it and get the certification that you want. 

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