How to Invest in Share Market?

Due to the ever-increasing inflation rate, it has become quite difficult for everyone to survive lifestyle expenses and also save a huge amount for their future. However, this still doesn’t lessen the importance of making investments and creating a corpus for your golden days. It will help you maintain and sustain your future by carrying best of living standards.

The share market is the best option to start investing in shares and get profit. If you make investments with diligence and proper knowledge on how to invest in shares, you will always be on the fairer side to receive the benefit.

How to invest diligently

There are many stocks in the share market that may lure you to invest in them to get a huge return with no risk. But, as an investor, you need to be diligent while investing an amount in the share market.

As an investor, it is always expected from you a lot of patience and a disciplined approach if you want to reap good returns from your shares. There is a lot of research which needs to be done before making an investment in the share market. There are times when you may get confused with the thought of either holding or selling your stocks. In such cases, every step needs to be taken after doing thorough research on the market.

There are nothing sure shot formulae that will enable you to earn handsomely by investing in shares but with due time & proper knowledge, huge profit can be earned. Here are some points that will help an investor on how to invest in shares –

  1. Do not follow herd blindly – There are times in the share market when every investor is investing in the same stock or stock of the same type blindly because other people are investing in it. This is usually done by the users who follow the other investors blindly.

However, these types of actions may bite back the investor in the coming years. But, it is not always wrong to not invest in these herds as it could be profitable so an investor needs to take the decision carefully after analyzing the stock potential.

  • Your Decision should be well researched and well made – It is required to be well researched before investing an amount in the stocks or share market. But, mostly the decision is taken as per the market rumours or based on instinct. Most of the investors invest in the companies which has a name in the market. This is not an appropriate way of investing a hard earned money. Well researched investment in stocks will make your money grow with safety.
  • Invest in the stock that relates to your financial goal – It’s always better to invest in a business rather than investing in a stock. If an investor is able to understand the business, it will be best to invest in it. In this case, you will able to judge the growth of a company or sector and can invest an amount as per your capability. You can do research about the steps taken by the company for its growth and can decide whether it will be beneficial to invest in their stocks or not.
  • Do not time the market – There are many investors which try to time the market; however, it is not advised by the experts. If you try to time the market, there are possibilities where you would have to bear the losses. But, if you remain patient in the time of fall or other difficulties faced by the market, there are chances of earning a good profit from the market.
  • Investment approach should be disciplined – It is a good step to start investing in shares but only if the investment is done in a disciplined manner. This has been found that even experienced investors have got panic at the fall of the market and in the state of panic, they have taken wrong decisions and bear great losses.

However, if you put your money in a systematic manner among the right shares, you will be able to earn good money even in hard times. Keeping investment during this panic situation will lead to good returns with time. A long term goal should be kept in mind while investing an amount in share market.

  • Good Control on Emotions – Many times, investors take the decision of buying stocks in share market due to either fear or greed. In the bull market when the stock prices are rising, investors purchase more shares in the greed to earn more money and finally end up buying stocks at a higher price.

On the other hand, when the prices of the share drop down, the individuals sell the stocks at a too low price and lose the invested amount as well as earning opportunities from it. So, investors should not get emotional and make the decision wisely while selling or purchasing the stock.

  • Diversify the stocks – It would be in your best intentions to make your investment profile a diversified profile. This will help an investor to earn the maximum profit with the minimum returns. Diversification of the stock depends from investors to investors, as how much of risk they can take. As more the diversification, more chances are there to have a good amount of profits from it with high risk.
  • Expect realistically – This cannot be possible that the amount invested in the share market will get double within a few days or months. The investors need to keep the patience while investing the stocks in the stock market. There are times when the market is in a bull state when huge returns are earned from it.

Most of the investors expect the same returns with the stocks each time. However, you should always keep in mind the following fact as said by one of the most well-known investors Warren Buffet, “if an investor gets more than 12 per cent return from the amount invested, it is pure luck and expecting again means to land oneself in the trouble.

  • Invest in surplus funds– If you have a surplus amount, you should invest in the share market. As the amount invested can give you the huge return or can make a loss on the amount invested, there can’t be any certainty that an investor will always earn from the market.

For this, an investor needs to take the risk even when they don’t have a huge amount lying in surplus. There are chances that while waiting to collate huge surplus, they might be losing good returns from the share market. Investing a small surplus amount regularly could also fetch good returns.

  1. Rigorously monitor the share market – In today’s time, it is possible to monitor each and everything through technology. If an investor rigorously monitors the events that are happening around the world can predict some of the impacts on share markets. As every major event which happens around the world leave an impact on the share market also. If any of the upcoming events going to affect the market then the user could make the desired changes in their portfolio.


If you follow these steps diligently, there is no doubt that you will be very soon counted as a pro on how to invest in shares to take maximum benefit from investing in shares. You simply need to be patient and disciplined with its investment and you will be able to get fruitful results from your investment.

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