How to Grow your Eyebrows


Eyebrows are a game changer when it comes to a person’s facial features. It is the most distinctive feature of a human’s face. Eyebrows are formed on the face when the baby is still in the mother’s womb at around 32nd week. It is formed around the same time when eyelashes are formed. However, these eyebrows are generally so faint that it is hard to notice them when a child is born. But, one thing to understand here is that as some kids are very hairy so their eyebrows are a bit permanent too in that case. 

There are many people who do not pay much attention to this feature of their face. However, if eyebrows are shaved, their absence does make a great difference and this fact cannot be denied. Therefore, people use various tactics like eyebrow growth serum, oils, tattooing, and eyebrow tints etc to make them more prominent.  

Why Eyebrows are so important?

There are various functions of eyebrows like it helps keep the eyes clear and clean. It also helps in keeping small particles and dirt away from eyes. But mainly what we as humans focus on is that it accentuates the eye and whole look of the face. With perfectly shaped eyebrows, the whole face of the person feels clean and in shape. Moreover, if they are used in communication then it can play a great role in delivering solid expressions. 

Eyebrows are really important because they provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the face. It is recommended that they should be often trimmed and shaped so that they provide an attractive look to the face. In some cases, people also fill in their eyebrows to give it a fuller and more heavy look. 

If we study closely then it is safe to say that eyebrows are an indication of health. Whenever there is something wrong with our health or we are sick, one common sign that occurs is hair loss. Even when there is lack of vitamins or iron in body, our hair become thin and we starts losing them eventually. Loss of other body hair catches our attention a bit late but if we start losing the hair of our eyebrows, it catches our attention really quick. Therefore, it is a great sign of health in human body. 

Moreover, eyebrows help in communicating in a much better way. They are a part of micro-expressions. We as humans communicate in non-verbal way on a lot of occasions. These micro expressions are a fast response which we give even at times we unintentionally do it. For instance, when a person is angry, their eyebrows usually pull down. Similarly, when in delight or surprise, they go up. 

How to grow Eyebrows thicker and fuller

Eyebrows have become an essential part of human body. People are now paying a lot of attention on their eyebrows. These people now want thicker and fuller eyebrows as per the demand of the fashion of recent times. For this purpose, various cosmetic companies have come up with temporary and permanent solutions. Eyebrow growth serums, tints, pencils, colored gels, and even stick on eyebrows has hit the market over the period of time. 

Even if people have naturally thin eyebrows or they have lost their eyebrows a little due to some reasons, they can use these products to either grow them back or to have a temporary fuller look. Coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, supplements, plucking, tattooing and tints; basically all of these and many more products and ideas are available in the market that helps both men and women in getting the exact eyebrows that they want. 

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