Has Social Media Become the Largest Source of Procrastination

Procrastination entails an individual deliberately avoiding important tasks, which can produce negative consequences such as a lack of achievement resulting in stress and reduced self-respect.

The grounds for procrastinating vary between each person. Studies suggest culture, gender, and personality play an important part in predicting a person’s likelihood of procrastinating.

Some other reasons people delay completing important jobs include;

  • A job seems too complicated
  • Specific tasks appear dull and time-consuming
  • Or a person fears they’ll fail a task

Moreover, procrastinating in today’s world is incredibly easy because we have a plethora of entertaining technology at our fingertips. Games, tv shows, and answering to the ping of a new post or message on Facebook are seemingly irresistible.

Stop Procrastinating, an app that helps boost productivity. Revealed social sites, in particular, are one of the leading sources of procrastination among millennials.

While social networking sites might benefit users by connecting friends and family worldwide. Whether by enticing individuals to create the ideal self through their profile or to respond and engage with other peers leaving messages and posts to quell the fear of missing out. The core of SNSs user-friendliness, functions, and features is to attract and engage users regularly.

For a deeper understanding of the intentions behind social channels, watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix to see how and why social media sites deliberately encourage engagement. Which can often result in digital addiction and users habitually checking their socials.

So, if you or someone you know is prioritizing their socials over urgent tasks. Here are a few helpful suggestions you can use or pass on to avoid procrastinating on social sites.

Connect in Real Life

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Some people use social media sites to fill a social void of loneliness or replace real-life interaction. But digital social interactions will never surpass the benefit of seeing, hearing, and enjoying one another’s company.

So instead of relying on Facebook messages and likes for a feeling of acceptance, belonging, and conversation. Instead, fill up your social battery by meeting up with your favourite people regularly in real life.

As a result, you can drop the need to use social networking sites to stay connected.

Understand the Negative Aspects of SNSs

Excessive use of social media can cause sadness, loneliness, and a feeling of inadequacy. Moreover, it can worsen existing mental health problems.

Educating yourself on the dark side of social media sites, whose every goal is to keep you engaged for their own gain, could help you see your social accounts in a new light and give you the push to log off or restrict usage.

Create a Routine

Suppose you’re wasting hours of your day on social channels. Why not create a schedule to ensure you get the important stuff done and spend minimal time on social platforms.

For instance, allocate your most productive hours in the day for drilling through complex and urgent tasks. Then leave an hour or ideally less in your fewer effective hours to surf social sites.

Switch off Devices

When practicing self-control of not answering every chime from Facebook or Instagram doesn’t work, try switching off the device so that you can focus entirely on priority tasks.

Uninstall and Cancel Accounts

Due to the accessibility, convenience, and familiarity of social sites on all devices. It’s a popular and easy route for escapism to waste time and avoid important things that need doing in life. 

While this suggestion may be a big move for avid social media users and has likely caused a pang of anxiety at the very thought. Cutting off social media sites could be what a serial social site user needs to end the cycle of posting, awaiting likes and comments, responding, reposting, and so forth.

The result? Without these platforms, you can focus on what’s important – those urgent tasks that are waiting right now for you to complete!

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