7 Ways to Prepare Your Office for Post-Coronavirus Reopening

Now that coronavirus has finally penetrated out of our lives enough to let us get back to offices, it’s time we take necessary measures. It’s time we prepare ourselves for yet another transition. But this time to get back to our old normal instead of embracing a new normal.

Anyhow, the load of this transition is heavier on managers and directors in offices, as compared to the employees themselves. Employees have to walk back into the office and adjust themselves only. Meanwhile, higher authorities are responsible for making the office a place where they can adjust conveniently.

If you, too, are in such a managerial position and find yourself completely baffled about how to prepare your office for post-coronavirus reopening, we’re glad to have you here. On this page, you’ll find seven quick ways of upgrading your office for the perfect welcome back.

1.      Arrange Hand Sanitizers

Although you’re preparing your office for post-coronavirus, you must not forget that the virus hasn’t left completely. So, it’s best to welcome your employees back to the office with precautions. Ensure they wear a mask even if they are vaccinated. Check for their vaccination cards and encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Plus, the most important immediate measure that you must take is to arrange hand sanitizers all over your office. Ensure your employees regularly sanitize hands to avoid any inconveniences.

2.      Arrange Decontamination Lounges

Currently, several companies are working on replacing the reception area permanently with decontamination lounges. The idea is to make arriving customers, clients, and employees more welcome into the office by offering complete security assurance against the coronavirus. We’d recommend you to follow the same too. Here you’ve to hire additional assistance to check the temperature, provide masks and sanitizers, or even check vaccination cards.

3.      Revamp the Looks

You’d have to work a bit on the looks of your office. In comparison to the previous outlook, you now need greater spaces within the entire premises. For this, you can either rearrange your office desks and chairs, such that they comply with the social distancing policies. If you’ve previously accommodated many employees in a small space by a space-saving arrangement of work desks and chairs, then you might need to change a few of your furniture pieces.

We recommend separate office desks and chairs for key position holders, i.e., leads of the team. For co-working employees, it’s best to go with an L-shaped computer desk. It could provide greater distance accommodation to 2-3 individuals at once while saving on space and maintaining the required distance. Basically, instead of increasing the space between two work units, it maintains distance by changing the direction of seating. Thus, providing a smart solution to crammed-up offices.

4.      Get Plexiglass Barriers 

Installation of plexiglass barriers may feel a bit extreme to you and your employees. But it is utterly necessary for maximum security for both ends. You can install plexiglass barriers in conference rooms, cafeterias, counter areas, work desks, etc.

5.      Repurpose Unused Spaces

Your conference rooms, meeting spaces, lunch areas, and other communal spaces will sit idle for as long as the fear of coronavirus is around. Now, does that mean these spaces will remain unused and purposeless?

It depends on you! We’d recommend you to make the most and convert these rooms into more useful spaces by accommodating some of your employees here. Create mini divisions using plexiglass barriers or setting up L-shaped desks.

6.      Ventilate the Office 

Air-conditioning traps the atmosphere within. In order to enhance your office’s defense against coronavirus, it’s best to keep the windows open. As the air passes to and fro, it will keep your office well-ventilated, and the corona germs a safe distance away.

7.      Revise Capacity Policies

If your employee force is much larger than the space available. Then it’s best to revise the scheduling policies. You can adapt to a hybrid model, divide your team into groups, or switch the status of a few positions to remote work permanently.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, preparing your office for post-coronavirus conditions may not ask for major changes but several minor changes. So, the sooner you begin with the preparation, the better.

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