How Julio Domenech Mixes His Love For Music With His Passion For Cryptocurrency

Since he started as a cryptocurrency investor and coach, Julio Domenech has been raising awareness about digital currency and how it can be used towards financial success. He utilizes various platforms such as social media and in-person speaking events to get his message across and entice more people to invest in cryptocurrency.

Julio is deeply passionate about everything he does and gives it his all, which brings him fulfillment. Lately, the cryptocurrency investor and coach has found another activity that he greatly enjoys: singing. 

Mixing Music With Crypto 

Julio has always liked music. This feeling was intensified when he was invited to a studio that his friend opened. When he saw the microphone, he showed his appreciation for music and talent for singing. He loved the experience and saw it as an opportunity where he can do something he loves while continuing what he started. 

“It feels amazing that I can share something that I am passionate about and bring awareness,” he said. 

The crypto singer’s main goal is to bring his music into the crypto space by creating an NFT album so people can have his music on the blockchain.

One of the platforms that he’s considering is Solana, the fastest blockchain in the world that’s decentralized to allow scalable and easy-to-use applications. It also features low-cost transactions that remain below $0.1 for both developers and users. 

Solana began in 2017. But it was officially launched to the market in March 2020 by the Solana foundation and its CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko. It went from anonymity to be among the most valued. Since then, it has registered a vertiginous growth reaching a valuation of above $210. 

With this new platform, Julio can make his music available to users from around the world while also encouraging them to get involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

His Career Through The Years 

As a member of Latino Wall Street, Julio Domenech teaches trading and cryptocurrency investing. But his career started from a different industry than the one he’s currently in. 

Julio followed in his father’s footsteps into the real estate industry. He was inspired after he saw his father sell projects such as Paseos de Camuy and a variety of residential properties in Puerto Rico through his company, JCD Realty Consultant. 

Like his father, Julio showed great potential in the business. During his first nine months, he has sold more than a million dollars in real estate sales. 

But back in 2016, Julio lost money in bank stocks. He told a friend about his frustration who later introduced him to cryptocurrency.  Julio started investing and became deeply engrossed in using the power of the internet to make money. 

Seeing the potential of the cryptocurrency industry, he wanted to inform others about this new platform and how they can leverage it for their benefit. 

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