The Top 5 Part-Time Jobs for College Students

College is a time to focus on education. However, to make ends meet, many college students get part-time jobs. Mind you, not any job will do.

College students should find a part-time job that will not interfere with their studies. 

These are the five best part-time jobs for college students that are flexible, lucrative, and easy to get:

1. Sitter

There are three different types of sitters, and all three are perfect for college students. Let’s discuss these jobs.

House Sitter

House sitting is the most straightforward job on the planet. All you have to do is stay in someone’s house while they are on vacation or out of town for business. 

It takes no extra work except maybe watering a few plants. Corporate executives and other professionals pay top dollar for this service, and it’s the perfect job for a college student.


  • Stay in a nice house with a comfy bed and free wifi!
  • The pay is good, and it’s easy work.


  • You have to stay at the house during set days.
  • You are responsible for their belongings.
  • Don’t break anything! 


If you’re great with kids and have experience from babysitting in high school, this is an easy transition into making some extra cash while in college.

There are plenty of overworked moms in college towns that would love to have a helping hand. Your duties will mostly be childcare-related, but they may also ask you to complete some light housekeeping and cooking.


  • Spend days with cute kids.
  • You make decent cash for little to no experience.


  • Bratty kids are a thing too.
  • You will be expected to be available when needed.

Pet Sitter

If little people aren’t your thing, how about little animals? 

Or big ones too. Pet sitting is even easier than babysitting. If you are an animal lover and need to make extra money in college, this can be your gig.

Some pet sitting jobs will need you to take the pet home with you, but others will allow you to stay in the pet’s home — especially if the owners know you live in a college dorm.

You’ll be feeding, watering, and possibly walking the pet. Depending on the type of pet you are sitting, there may be some extra duties, such as cleaning out a cage. 


  • This job is simple and easy.
  • It won’t be time-consuming, so you will have plenty of time to complete any assignments you have for college classes while you work.


  • Some of the pets may have potty accidents, of which you have clean-up duty.
  • Noisy animals that miss their owners can keep you up at night.

2. Driver

If you are one of the lucky ones that brought a car to college, you have a moneymaker in your possession. 

Here are two ways you can drive and make money. 


I imagine most kids would appreciate a ride around town, especially on the weekends, and who better to do that for them than one of their own?

You can start your very own college taxi service for a fee or sign up to become an Uber or Lyft driver and expand your pool of clients.


  • You can make money with something you already own — your car.
  • You earn decent money and occasionally, some excellent tips.
  • You can have fun meeting and driving new people.


  • You will have some expenses to pay, such as gas and extra insurance.
  • You’ll end up driving around some messy, drunk, or rude people. (Possibly a mix of all three.)


If you’d prefer to be alone in your car, you still have the option of making deliveries. Most gigs would involve delivering food, but you could also become a courier, although it may cut into your class time. 


  • You make decent tips on top of regular pay.
  • The job mainly involves just driving around listening to tunes.


  • Having to find the houses can be difficult.
  • People can get an attitude if you are late and they get hangry.

3. On-Campus Employee

If you don’t have a car, don’t fret. You can get a part-time job right on campus. 

Here are five options for you:

Dining Hall

You might be serving food, cleaning tables, or doing dishes.


  • You will most likely have short shifts revolving around mealtimes.
  • The job is right on campus.


  • You might have to do your best to rock a hairnet.
  • This job won’t make you a millionaire by any means.

Rec Room

This is one of the more laid-back jobs you can find, checking people in and out of the rec room.


  • The job is on campus.
  • You may be able to play pool or arcade games when it’s not busy.


  • Just like all other on-campus jobs, you won’t be earning a lot of money.

Library Assistant

Be the one who shushes others for a change. 


  • Complete stress-free tasks all day.
  • You’re in a great place to study on downtime.


  • You will get lower pay.
  • Yes, it is stress-free but monotonous.

Usher for Events

If you are attending an athletic university, you may be able to become an usher for the big games and other university events. 


  • You may be positioned to have a great view of the field. 
  • You’ll meet new people.


  • You won’t get to sit and enjoy any event you’re working. 
  • You won’t see big monetary rewards.

College Tour Guide

This job may happen only once a month as new recruits come to check out the campus. 


  • Get paid just to show people around your college.
  • Be the first to meet new potential students.
  • Looks great on your resume.


  • Giving the same tour over and over again can get repetitive.
  • You’ll receive a lower pay.

4. Social Media 

We all spend hours scrolling through social media. It’s time you get paid for it. 

Brand Ambassador

If you are a trendsetter, this is your thing. 


  • You have an unlimited potential for income.
  • You can earn free goodies once you get a following.


  • You must always be “in character.”
  • One bad day can ruin your career.

Social Media Manager

If you work best behind the scenes, why not manage someone else’s account?


  • You can work from your dorm room on your computer.
  • You get decent pay to help others post on social media.


  • You must always be aware of the account activity.

5. Tutor

You’re in college to learn, but you can get paid to teach others what you already know while you are there. You can do this online or in person.

You can even start your own online course. Learn about how to do that here


  • It helps your brain to stay sharp.
  • You feel good knowing you’re helping others.
  • You can set your own hours. 


  • You might get some problematic cases where the student is stubborn or has difficulty absorbing the information.


If you must work while attending college, it’s essential to find a job that doesn’t interfere with your classes and free time as a college student. 

These five part-time jobs above fit the bill. 

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