Taraka (ex-Prince Rama) re-envisions the amazing true story of a 17 year-old pilot who survived a plane crash in new music video

Today Taraka (ex-Prince Rama) shares a new song and video for “Deep Hollow.” The back story here takes a minute to explain, so here’s Taraka’s own story on how the video came to be:

“One day Matthew and I were going on a leisurely drive in the countryside and suddenly spotted this downed plane in the middle of a field. I wasn’t sure if it had just crashed, or if it had been there for some time. From the looks of it, it appeared as though it had just dropped out of the sky.

We stopped and approached it slowly, not sure if we were about to come across a dead body or a trapped person in need of help. My heart was suspended in my chest. 

There was no one.

The plane was empty.

After a bit of sleuthing, we found this local news story about a student pilot that crashed the plane a couple months earlier– a teenage girl– 17 years old– who like me, loved skydiving and extreme sports. She was less than a mile from the airport. She survived unscathed.

Something about this plane gave me a nauseous feeling.

Deep down, I kind of felt like that teenage girl, dropped from the sky like Lucifer with no wings and no guidebook on how to navigate this ever-crumbling Paradise Lost. We returned to the scene and re-staged the crash with super 8mm film and smoke bombs.  

The rest of the film follows this character– a fictional hybrid between my fantasy of the teenage pilot and my own inner teenager– through a stumbling post-traumatic haze, awkwardly trying to navigate her way back into society. For locations, we chose familiar yet unplaceable post-apocalyptic landscapes that echo this feeling of loss, amnesia, loneliness, and fossilized violence. We shot in the Florida swamps near my adolescent home, as well as some of my former haunts in New York City, places I used to call home, all of which feel like strangers to me now. Somehow this concept of home currently feels totally alien and unattainable. Somehow I feel like we all just survived a collective plane crash and are trying our best to “forget it” and “get back to normal”, yet deep down something doesn’t feel right. Something feels horribly wrong. We are like ghosts stumbling in a black and white film of our former lives, trying to re-trace the comfort of our old familiar haunts, seeking shelter and finding only set pieces. “Deep Hollow” is an ode to that personal and collective emptiness, to that private limbo, war-torn and battle fatigued, exhausted yet stoic and full of tender beauty.”

Directed, shot, and edited by Matthew Hoffman on Super 8mm film.

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