When your child becomes interested in learning an instrument, it becomes your job to fully support them. The process of learning an instrument is not easy, and would require a healthy mix of talent, dedication and consistency, each in unparalleled quantities. While that part is up to the kid in question, your job as a parent or mentor, is to make sure the journey is as easy as possible. One of the things to do, is to get the right guitar for your kid. There are tons of places for that, including Boutique Tone, and there is no shortage of good brands around to provide a diverse range of guitars with a wealth of features to help your kid with practice. When your kid finally becomes full adept at it, you would look back and be thankful that you took the initiative to buy one for the kid.

There are certain features that a smart person picks when choosing a guitar to get. Each guitar brand is unique in ways and combining what you know of your child with what you have learnt of the guitar is the best way you can be sure of picking the most suitable guitar for your kid. 

Things to consider

Brands have put a lot into consideration when releasing guitars that they deemed would be appropriate for kids. For one, the standard bass guitar is heavy, and considerable effort would be diverted to steadying it instead of just playing and practicing, should a child try to use one. Guitars for kids are usually short length to enable kids to reach them easily with their arms. Other things to consider include:

  • Price
  • Sound

Now, guitars are pretty pricey, and you have to consider a lot of things before getting them. Cheap guitars save you on cash, and provide a quick fix to the problem, but they are generally of bad quality, harder to play, and would break easier than something of good quality. Apart from those things, the acoustics would be extremely terrible. A pricey guitar provides good quality, and one can see it as an investment; amazing features for a pricey tag. For kids, it helps to strike a balance. You would want something that is not so expensive, yet is easy to keep and would not fall apart two hours after getting it. Note that as this is the first instrument, it also has to be something memorable, as this would help shape the kid’s earliest ideas of guitar music. You can find guitars for kids for a few hundred dollars.

Another thing to consider is the type of guitar you are getting them. There are basically two types of small guitars:

  • ¾ size guitar

This guitar, like the name implies, is simply a standard bass guitar shrunk to a three-quarter size. This helps, as it is lightweight and easy to hold and play without diverting too much attention into steadying it. One advantage of using this type of guitar is that since it is basically a standard guitar shrunk down, it would be easy for the child to move to a standard one when they are ready

  • Short-scale bass

This guitar is typically a standard bass guitar with the neck reduced, implying that the string length also is reduced. 

A few other things to consider

Like every other niche gimmick in this world, getting a guitar also means you have to get a few accessories with it too. These would help the overall experience of playing and provide the kid with more reasons to keep playing. A common example of such accessories is an amplifier. You can also get these from online stores if you so desire.

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