With New Showrunners at the Helm, “The Boys” Spinoff Is Officially Given the Green Light by Amazon

Sometimes it’s all about finding the right fit.

After the eagerly anticipated spinoff series for the smash hit The Boys lost its chief showrunner Craig Rosenberg due to the Hollywood evergreen known as “creative differences”, some fans and pundits became anxious about the still-embryonic new show, questioning whether the studio footing the bill for this different look at The Boys universe – that would be Amazon for anyone keeping score – might not just opt to abandon the concept altogether. Breaking news late yesterday from our pals over at The Hollywood Reporter should ease those concerns and, lucky you, we have all of the details in the paragraphs to follow…

 So, Craig Rosenberg is out as showrunner for The Boys spinoff and, as announced yesterday, Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters – both of Agent Carter fame – will be stepping in to those big shoes, all in order to make this still untitled spinoff series the rousing success it deserves to be.

 As noted above, though there is still no title for the new series there is one heck of a storyline already worked out that will hopefully ensure a healthy and robust success on par with The Boys. What we know about the show so far: The new series is set in America’s only college for superheroes which is being operated by Vought International. The new iteration of The Boys is said to be an irreverent and R-rated look at the action-packed lives of very hormonal and uber-competitive mystery-men (as the long underwear crowd was known in the 1940s) who strive to respectively win contracts to operate in the best cities the world has to offer. In best The Player-fashion, The Hollywood Reporter describes it as “part college show, part Hunger Games.”

Fazekas and Butters will be running interference alongside fellow showrunner Eric Kripke who describes the new series thusly: “Much like Mork & Mindy spun-off from Happy Days – which is an insane and true fact – our spinoff will exist in the Vought Cinematic Universe, yet have a tone and style all its own. It’s our take on a college show, with an ensemble of fascinating, complicated and sometimes deadly Young Supes. Michele and Tara are stone-cold geniuses, we’re thrilled to have them steer this ship, and grateful to Sony and Amazon for the opportunity. We love this show and can’t wait for you to see it. Also, Baywatch Nights spun-off from Baywatch, and it had vampires. Vampires!”

 This pop culture cynic cannot argue with that Perry Mason line of defense – Now come up with a blessed title for the show already!

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