Is the Kids Apple Watch Really Worth It?

It has become quite common to see kids wearing flashy smartwatches today. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that smartwatches are no longer fashion statements but convenient and even necessary gadgets for both adults and kids. 

The kids Apple watch is a fine example of a robust smartwatch available on the market today. It is a popular wearable device for kids with many benefits such as easy child monitoring and keeping track of your child’s health. It is also a pricey wearable device for a child. 

If you are asking whether the smartwatch is really worth it given that children don’t attend meetings, read news, or regularly check their heart rate as adults who own smartwatches do, check the following benefits of the Apple smartwatch for kids. 

  1. Track Your Children

One of the major benefits of a smartwatch for kids is that it allows parents to keep track of their children throughout the day, whether the kids are in school or at home. 

The watch comes with a Family Setup function that can easily be paired with the parent’s phone and allow the parent to keep track of the child’s watch at any time of day and night. 

The Family Setup function displays the child’s location throughout the day. Parents can even be notified when the child leaves a designated area. For example, you will get a ping when your child leaves school before the school day ends or if your kid wanders far away in a public park. 

The handy function works even when the child has not charged his or her smartwatch. To provide an extra layer of security, you’ll even be notified when the child is not wearing the watch. 

  1. Monitor Your Kid’s Health

Another major benefit is that the smartphone allows you to monitor your child’s health via your phone. Keep in mind that a majority of children today lead an overly inactive life. 

They tend to spend most of their free time sitting down at the computer. The Apple smartwatch for kids serves as an incentive to make your child lead a more active lifestyle. 

The watch comes with sensors that monitor the child’s heart rate or even the number of steps they take in a day. You can encourage your child to be more active by giving them a target number of steps to achieve every day before they can indulge in their favorite treats. 

The watch also comes with a fall detection function that sends you a notification whenever your child falls down. It can also make calls to emergency services when necessary.

  1. Keeps You in Constant Communication with Your Child

Like other smartwatch products, the Apple watch also allows you to stay in communication with your child whenever he or she is away from home. 

Children are known to lose their phones but a smartwatch tied to the wrist is hard to lose. It is safer and more secure to keep in touch with your child at all times. 

  1. Comes With Parental Controls

The family setup of the watch provides parental control options copied from your phone. 

You can easily control how and when the child uses the smartwatch including the apps the child can access and the people he or she can call, text, or chat with. 


Is the Apple watch for kids worth it? The important question to ask is whether the smartwatch comes with enough helpful features to justify its price tag. 

As a parent, you understand that you can’t place any monetary figure on the safety and health of your child. A smartwatch for kids is not a fashion statement but a security gadget too. It is definitely worth it. 

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