How to Get Your Vitamin D and Stay Hydrated if You Work Remotely

Working remotely is one office practice that is gaining acceptance all over the world because of the global lockdown. To reduce the spread of the coronavirus and all its variants, it is best that companies ask some or all of their workers to work from home. At the moment when you begin to work from home, it feels like a lot of freedom. You get to work from your bed or any other place you feel comfortable in the house. You work when you want. And more importantly, you eat whatever you like whenever you like. All these sound like fun until after a few weeks when it begins to affect your productivity. You find out that you are consuming too much so you can hardly concentrate, you begin to gain weight, and you also experience back pain. If this sounds like you and you do not know what to do, this article explains how you can eat healthily and stay hydrated while you work remotely.

  1. Stay Away From The Kitchen

Eating while you work will not make the work easier. If you are working from home, try as much as possible to stay far from the kitchen. Working in the kitchen increases the temptation to grab a meal or snack. The bad thing about the temptation is that it does not end after you eat. Your brain will request more food even though you are not hungry. Eating every time is not only a distraction from work, it is also dangerous to your health. Some people want to bypass working in the kitchen so they bring the kitchen to their work desk by filling it with snacks. This isn’t helpful in any way. Have a dedicated mealtime. This will keep you satisfied, satisfied, and you will be able to focus more on whatever you have to do.

  1. Eat When You Are Hungry

A lot of people have hunger signs. Their bodies begin to act a certain way as hunger sets in. Some of these hunger signs include tiredness, irritation, reduced alertness, amongst others. When you begin to notice these signs, take a break from work and find something to eat. Also, start your day with a meal, not a task. This means that you should not skip breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, gives you the strength to kickstart the day, and should not be skipped. If you have to skip breakfast for any reason, take fruits or other healthy meals like oatmeal when you are ready to eat.

  1. Choose Meals Over Snacks

Snacks can be taken in between meals but make sure that you take healthy snacks. Take a smoothie instead of a candy. To help you stay away from unhealthy snacks, do not buy them when you go shopping. Keep to healthy snacks at all times but remember that no amount of healthy snacks can do the job of an actual meal. Snacks can keep you active but only meals will give you protein, fat, fibers, and other vitamins that you need.

  1. Portion Your Food

While you are working, it might be hard to get up to prepare a meal but you need those nutrients to stay active. What can you do? You can prepare your meal for the week during the weekend. Use the weekend to check for new healthy recipes and go grocery shopping. Prepare your meal and keep them refrigerated so that they don’t get spoiled. During the week, when you want to eat, you can take out a portion and eat.

  1. Drink Water

All this while, the talk has been about what you eat, what about the things you drink. Coffee has become a replacement for water in the hands of many workers. However, coffee can make you less alert, decrease your concentration level, and affect your productivity. Drink water instead. Take water from your bottle in bits instead of gulping everything at once. Water filters like aqua systems can help you take more water and stay hydrated while working remotely.

Final word

Working remotely has a lot of advantages. You get to work at your convenient time and accomplish tasks at your speed. You also get to skip all the time that you spend on the road trying to go to or return from work. While it has so many advantages, you have to be careful about how you make use of the freedom that comes with working remotely. Stay productive. Stay Hydrated.

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