A quick guide to recover your cryptocurrency from fraudsters

The cryptocurrency market is just like the traditional markets: you can buy goods and services and trade them for profit. However, it is also getting targeted by criminals. The last few years have seen millions of dollars stolen from cryptocurrency holdings.

Cryptocurrency fraud is a serious crime. Victims may face not only substantial financial losses, but also emotional distress and loss of privacy.

In many cases of these crimes, businesses or other organizations that hold personal data of victims are responsible for this negligence. This can make living with the effects difficult and upsetting.

You may have heard about cryptocurrency fraud, which is an unfortunate consequence of poor security. As a victim of this, you are entitled to claim compensation. Express Cryptoback has extensive knowledge to help victims to recover their cryptocurrency.

It’s hard to know what to do after cryptocurrency fraud. We make sure you understand the process and can avoid being stressed. We remove complicated words from the equation to keep things simple.

Things to do if cryptocurrency fraud occurs

Report it

It’s unfortunate to say, but cryptocurrency fraud is more common than you might think. Worried about the safety of your coins? You should report any money lost as a result to your local police department. Be sure to file with the correct authorities if you were the victim of attempted fraud.

If you believe that your data was stolen, you should contact the authority and let them know. They will investigate breaches and can impose huge fines on organizations that fail to protect their customers’ data.

Recovering cryptocurrency from fraudster

Online fraud is unfortunately quite common. However, if you’re the victim of fraud, don’t worry. The court may order the fraudster to pay you compensation, but it’s hard to catch them.

We know that not every victim of a crime is willing to or able to access compensation. We can help, but there are a lot of complex factors that will determine whether you’re successful and how much you’re able to get.

Recovering cryptocurrency from company

If your personal information was leaked due to poor security measures, you may be able to make a data breach claim. If an organization you trusted had their security breached and your information was compromised, they are legally obliged to take responsibility.

Despite what many people think, cryptocurrency crime doesn’t mean the case is closed. We work with experts to investigate these cases. They help us through the investigative process, including understanding how the crime happened and identifying the offenders.

Cryptocurrency data breach claim

If you want to claim your lost cryptocurrency, you should be able to demonstrate that an organization is at fault or responsible. That is, they did not keep it safe. The way they kept your data will determine the liability. For example, whether your wallet was securely encrypted. And whether this encryption measure was upheld.

Cryptocurrency fraud claim

Once you contact our team, we will take care of the whole process for you. We will make sure the company you lost cryptocurrency from is contacted. If we feel they let you down, we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.


Types of compensation

Financial loss: This could include stolen cryptocurrency and any financial losses as a result of this situation

Mental Trauma:  The impact of most crimes can be felt physically and mentally. While you may not be able to claim the financial cost, you may be able to claim for the mental and physical effects. Potential effects include trouble sleeping, as well as feeling ill, unsettled or confused. You may also have a hard time with stress which can affect your friends, your family and your job.

Loss of privacy: If you feel like your privacy has been compromised because of the company’s negligence, you can make a claim. For example, if your email address was stolen, or if you felt as though your privacy was at risk in some way.

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