Man’s Best Friend: “Clifford the Big Red Dog” Announces November Release Date for Cinemas and Paramount+

It’s sometimes difficult to believe that author Norman Bridwell’s seminal creation Clifford the Big Red Dog has been lapping up mucho love from audiences since 1963. In the parlance of the time, that continuing endurance of a really big red dog constitutes “evergreen” territory. Through twelve sitting U.S. presidents and untold good and bad, Clifford has been right along for the ride with the world at large, endearing himself to oodles of children and passels of adults simultaneously and serving as something of a security blanket for all of our hopes and fears.

 What might be even more difficult to believe is that in nearly sixty years, Bridwell’s magical ode to this four-legged wonder has never made the proverbial leap to the silver screen, even though the audiences from both the books and the television version of Clifford have all but guaranteed a profitable milk bone for the Hollywood box-office. The long wait for a cinematic take from Clifford fans looks to finally be at a conclusion, according to our Alpo-lovin’ pals over at The Hollywood Reporter.

After multiple theatrical delays due to – what else – COVID-19, the live-action Clifford the Big Red Dog is finally set to prance his way into the hearts and minds of moviegoers all over the globe with a November 10 simultaneous theatrical and streaming debut (this type of release has quickly taken on the unwieldly moniker of a “day-and-date release”). The steaming part of the release wills see the Walt Becker directed Clifford take up residence at Paramount+, a studio strategy quite timely considering the pandemic and an army of families that may be nervous about taking the kids to a multiplex during this troubled and confusing time.

 Clifford is projected to turn a tidy profit; a quick glance at family films that have soldiered into cinemas since the start of the pandemic all but confirms a rousing success for man’s best friend: Films like Jungle Cruise, Vivo and Paramount’s own PAW Patrol: The Movie have all raked in major cash in 2021 implementing the day-and-date release that Clifford the Big Red Dog is co-opting.

 So get those cans of Kal Kan at the ready, Clifford fans! Clifford the Big Red Dog drops this November 10!

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