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Every year, there are new trends that surface, claiming to improve your health and wellness. It can be difficult to discern between the trends that work and those that don’t. So we decided to do something about it.

Today, we’re looking at health and wellness trends that actually work, so you’ll know what to invest your hard-earned money in. After considerable research, we’ve narrowed down our top five picks for this year’s most notable trends.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy is a form of “cold treatment.” This process exposes your body to extremely low temperatures (below -200°F) for intervals of between two and four minutes. According to a study conducted in 2015, it was revealed that the Japanese have been using cryotherapy to treat rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis since the 1970s.

It’s only recently that cryotherapy found its way into the United States as a viable treatment option. Many people swear by it, claiming that it’s responsible for restoring their mobility and flexibility. Could cryotherapy hold the key to your relief?

What’s more, many are claiming that cryotherapy can be used to help you lose weight, although more studies are needed to verify these claims. 

But if you suffer from aches and pains, there’s a good chance cryotherapy will offer relief. Moreover, it is said that cryotherapy is best served when it’s used in conjunction with other health and wellness treatments.

Natural Sleep Remedies

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends, it’s likely that you have heard reports regarding CBD vs THC for sleep. Both are shown to promote a good night’s rest, but is one better than the other? 

In the past few decades, scientific interest in cannabinoid pharmacology and chemistry has increased. Most of the focus has been on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). For those unfamiliar, THC is a psychoactive compound from the marijuana plant. As such, it is considered to be a highly effective sedative. 

But what about CBD? There’s been plenty of scientific research on CBD (cannabidiol), which is the second most popular ingredient of marijuana. The major difference between THC and CBD, however, is that the latter doesn’t have psychotropic properties. 

What’s more, it was recently discovered that CBD could serve as both a sedative and a wake-inducing supplement. The effect you get all depends on how much or how little CBD you consume. 

So, which is right for you? It really comes down to how you want to feel. THC is obviously going to have some effect on you in terms of feeling “high.” CBD, on the other hand, will not. If you have a job that prohibits the use of marijuana (THC), you will want to avoid it.

It’s also worth noting that some CBD contains minute amounts of THC — not enough to affect your faculties, but enough to flunk a urine screen. Food for thought. 

Celery the Superfood

Celery has received some much-deserved fanfare in recent years, promoting this bland food to the ranks of superfood. But what is it about celery that has so many people talking? 

For starters, reports of celery aiding in the fight against high blood pressure, inflammation, high cholesterol, and asthma are nothing to sneeze at. And with talk of celery serving as a natural remedy for arthritis, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases, more people are turning to this superfood.

It’s well-documented that celery is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So it’s of little wonder why so many people are adding celery juice to their diets. Celery on its own is an acquired taste for most. But in its juice form, flavors abound (there are typically additional ingredients to improve taste).

Celery is also very diet-friendly. So if you are currently on a diet, you should be able to safely add celery juice without issue. Just be aware that celery contains a chemical called psoralen. This compound has a reaction under sunlight and can lead to your skin becoming more sensitive than usual.

As such, you’ll want to be careful with how much time to spend in the sun if you’re consuming substantial amounts of celery. A single serving of celery juice a day, however, shouldn’t affect you adversely in sunlight.

Exfoliating Benefits

Your skin undergoes a natural regeneration process on its own. This process is known as “skin cell turnover.” But sometimes, our natural exfoliation doesn’t work quickly enough, so we need to give it a little boost.

While you might exfoliate to make your face feel fresher, there are actually benefits of exfoliating that you might not be aware of. For one, exfoliating helps give your skin tone a more even appearance. It also serves to unclog your pores, which is essential for clear, smooth skin.

However, many people exfoliate so that they can enhance the natural detox process in their bodies. Exfoliating works to boost this process, thereby promoting healthier skin. 

Another important benefit of exfoliating is its ability to stimulate the production of collagen. If you’re unfamiliar with collagen, it is a protein created in your body. Collagen is well-known for the vital roles it plays.

The problem, however, is that this plentiful protein becomes less so as you get older. That’s right; your body eventually begins to slow down its collagen production. Thus, you enjoy collagen’s benefits less and less.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost your collagen production, and exfoliating is a quick and easy way to achieve this. You will also find more products being made with collagen as an ingredient. So if you’re serious about skincare and you try to avoid harsh chemicals, you can find many topical products made with natural ingredients, collagen included.

Also, if you prefer to exfoliate with the assistance of a skincare product, it’s best to avoid anything with chemicals. You can still get your collagen by sticking to natural products. And in doing so, you can exfoliate safely while enjoying the benefits it provides.

What Is Fatty15?

Health and wellness companies try new things all the time in the hopes of finding the ultimate product. The latest comes from research based on dolphins. You’re probably wondering what dolphins have to do with people’s health.

As it turns out, a lot. Studies indicate that dolphins share some of our characteristics, such as how they age and the diseases they can develop. For example, dolphins can suffer from diabetes, inflammation, and high cholesterol.

You probably know someone who has either of those medical conditions. But dolphins have a secret weapon to fight against such problems: fatty15. 

As the first of its kind to be discovered in 90 years, fatty15 is not something we get much of. In fact, significant diet changes over the years have caused a serious reduction in saturated fats. And it’s this widespread deficiency that has led to health issues among the population.

When you add the fatty15 supplement to your daily health and wellness regimen, you can effectively make your cell membranes stronger, boost mitochondria, and improve your mental acuity. 

These aren’t just claims, either. There is scientific evidence to support the benefits of fatty15. So if you are serious about improving your overall health and want a safe and effective way to prevent diabetes and other concerns, fatty15 can help.

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