3 Things to Remember When Performing a Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland

Switzerland offers universal healthcare coverage for all its residents for medical requirements such as illnesses, accidents, and maternity. But unlike other developed countries, this is made possible not by government funding, but with insurance premiums paid for by the individual.

Under Swiss federal law, basic insurance is compulsory for all residents, both permanent and temporary. Anybody entering the country has to choose an insurance package from one of the government’s lists of insurance providers who are strictly regulated. The insurance providers are restricted from pursuing profits but are rather only allowed to be financially solvent. 

There are many factors that can help you keep your premium costs low when doing a health insurance comparison. As insurance is provided at an individual level, all family members are required to have basic insurance coverage as per their requirements. The government has extensive federal and state-level data on insurance premiums, coverage, terms of coverage, and other factors that help you choose the best option for your individual requirements.

The insurance premium is independent of your income as it is based on your risk profile, which considers your age, place of residence, current health status, upcoming healthcare requirements, etc. Usually, individuals opt for supplementary insurance that can provide a cover for additional requirements such as alternative therapies like homeopathy, gym memberships, dental coverage, and more features that are outside the gamut of basic insurance. Moreover, supplementary insurance is not a standard product and is usually customized for different applicants and requirements. The insurers can accept or reject applications as per their discretion.

Premiums vary from insurer to insurer as they differ in the level of service they provide. Some of the differentiating factors include how quickly they can reimburse your medical bills, how responsive they are to your needs, whether they provide private rooms for treatment, and many more. If you are applying for health insurance, starting with a health insurance comparison can help you not only keep your premiums low but also ensure complete coverage for your medical requirements. Without adequate coverage, even basic medical care can become too expensive for individuals.

Here are the three major things that you must remember when performing a health insurance comparison in Switzerland:

  1. Regular Premium updates: Switzerland conducts an annual health insurance assessment for all the insurance providers and their products. There is usually some increase in the premium level as required by the current health policies and other external factors. The decision of how much premium policy is to be increased is decided by the provider, though it has to be approved by the relevant government authority.

All this data is published in advance so you can change your insurance provider, if necessary, by giving three months’ notice. But you can opt to change your insurer only once a year and will have to continue with the same provider for the rest of the period.

Another option is to choose a different health insurance plan. Some plans offer only restricted options in regard to which healthcare experts or facilities you can access but can significantly reduce your premiums. Similarly, when you opt for telephonic counseling before a physical visit, premiums are reduced since you would only visit an expert if recommended by the approved healthcare professional such as a general physician.

  • Healthcare needs: We all require different types and levels of healthcare as we grow older, and you must consider these factors when making a health insurance comparison. Procedures that you did not require until now may suddenly be needed, such as dental coverage, or spectacles.  To know more about the health insurance comparison, visit at https://www.healthinsurance-swiss.ch/

As per Swiss law, even children and dependents require their own healthcare insurance. Make sure that you consider their changing needs when undertaking a health insurance comparison so you can be assured of adequate coverage. If you require maternity care and delivery coverage, you must consider these as well, so you do not have to take up additional financial burdens.

  • Acceptable healthcare service levels: A major differentiating factor between different healthcare insurance providers is the level of service they provide to their policyholders. The premiums are also based on how responsive they are to your unique needs, how quickly they respond to your concerns, flexibility in premium payments, etc. Usually, if you are in good physical shape and do not require extensive medical care, you are advised to do a health insurance comparison to find the cheapest premiums. But you must consider all the comprehensive benefits you require before you make the final choice.


Basic insurance in Switzerland is not enough for all the healthcare requirements though it does assure of immediate assistance if required. When doing a health insurance comparison, start with all your current and upcoming healthcare requirements and then choose the right package that balances your needs without shooting up the premiums.

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