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8 ways to get rid of bed bugs from the root end of the problem,

If talking about small animals or insects that often disturb the house. There must be some names for bed bugs because although bed bugs are not as common as flies, whiteflies, ants, or termites, there are quite a number of people who tend to be bitten by bed bugs. It causes bulges, swelling, redness, itching in the neck, hands, arms, and legs, and it takes weeks to heal. Today, would like to include a simple but effective way to get rid of bed bug treatments for you. 

Bed bugs are..?

But before going to see how to get rid of bed bugs let’s get to know more first. Bedbugs are brown parasites. The skin looks like a scaly bark, small, about 5-6 mm in size, flat and oval, with legs but no wings, and a pointed mouth for sucking blood. It lays white eggs, but the color darkens as it approaches hatching. the breed quickly like to live in warm temperatures and feed on human blood Therefore, it is often found in the bedroom area such as pillowcases, blankets, bed linen, mattress seams, bed edges, piles of clothes, which can be eliminated with these methods.

How to get rid of bed bugs

1. Find the habitat of the bed bugs.

We probably won’t be able to get rid of all the bed bugs. If you don’t know the exact location of the bed bugs Therefore, it should start with finding the source of the address first. The way to find bed bugs is not difficult. This is because where the bed bugs are located will have small brown spots or rust-colored patches that look like blood. Also, if it smells like rotten fruit, it’s also a sign that bed bugs are present. Also, don’t just look for bed bugs in your bedroom. They’re actually on sofas, walls, as well as in cracks, crevices, and nooks and crannies in your home, especially in the areas our pets love to live in. There are often beds bugs like to live as well. So look around where the bed bugs are hiding in the house to get rid of the right spot. 

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all over the area

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs is by using a vacuum to suck bed bugs and dirt around the house. Especially popular sources such as mattresses, sofas, curtains, carpets, walls, furniture, and chairs, which whenever the nooks and crannies are thoroughly absorbed. Don’t forget to clean the filters or filters in our vacuum cleaner. To prevent bed bugs from spreading to other rooms of the house

3. Wash the bedding in hot water

If bed bugs’ habitat is found to be bedding, curtains, or other small items that can be washed. Let us immediately wash them in hot water that is at least 122 degrees Fahrenheit, or 50 degrees Celsius, as bed bugs can’t survive in this heat. Follow up with detergent to get rid of any blood stains that might attract parasites or other insects to the bedroom. And if you want to make sure you get rid of bed bugs completely, put what you wash in the sun on the day. There’s plenty of light too.

4. Throw away the bed bugs’ supplies

In the case of such items, there are many bed bugs living together cannot be completely eliminated or bed bugs destroy such objects that they can no longer be used normally. Suggest you decide to throw away the item. Because it was kept, it was not used. It is also a habitat for bed bugs to breed separately. But before throwing it away, don’t forget to write a note on it. To prevent others found to pick it up for further use.

5. Fill the cracks in the house

Cracks on the wall of the house Grooves or cracks in furniture or behind the wallpaper that is not completely attached or peeling off it is another hiding place for bed bugs. It is also difficult to remove. Therefore, it is best not to forget to cover, seal, and plaster holes or cracks in the house to be completely smooth as well.

6. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Or try a natural way to get rid of bed bugs. By sprinkling diatomaceous earth with a food formula over the areas where bed bugs live, it can help get rid of bed bugs effectively because diatomaceous earth serves to absorb water from bed bugs resulting in the death of the bed bugs in the end. Plus, diatomaceous earth mixed with food does not have a negative effect on humans and the environment. This allows us to use diatomaceous earth comfortably. However, when sprinkling diatomaceous earth, we should wear a mask to protect it a bit. As for the duration of light landing, it will help to get rid of bed bugs effectively. It takes about 10-12 days.

7. Spray with mint leaf juice

If someone’s house has just begun to have bed bugs or not many bed bugs it is recommended to use natural methods that are easy and good. By bringing the mint leaves to the ground and then squeezed into water pour into a spray bottle then sprays it over the area where bed bugs are located. It will cause bed bugs to die and gradually disappear because of the smell and properties of the mint that help repel insects.

8. Drop Tea Tree Oil on the bed

Did you know that Tea Tree Oil that girls like to nourish their skin? It can help to get rid of bed bugs and insects from our home by spraying tea tree oil on areas where bed bugs live or dripping on clothes and bedding. The bed bugs are gone. You can also contact with pest control companies Chandler by clicking on this highlighted link. They will give you most effective solution for this situation. We are mentioning address below for your help;

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