Top gardening tips for beginners.

With the rise of the pandemic and endless lockdowns, people have been looking for hobbies to keep themselves occupied safely.

One of these favorite pastimes is gardening. The age-old activity of grooming your garden had lost popularity when people got occupied with their careers and the “grind” became a trend. The world grew obsessed with technology and making things convenient. The whole trend of even having a garden disappeared with time.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic gave birth to many amateur gardeners. Here are some tips to get your garden green and gorgeous:


Gardening is one hobby that requires some trial and error before you get it right. Committing to managing a 10 m² plot when you know nothing about gardening is biting more than you can chew. Starting in a small pot where you can control the location,soil, water etc. will get you started well.


Making sure you compost your soil well provides a good drainage system. Composting is quite easy. Any waste can be compost, from apple cores to eggshells. The point is there should be layers between the soil.

Maintaining soil quality

Soil quality is what fails many beginner gardeners. Fertilizer is essential but too much of any good thing is bad. It throws off the soil pH and makes it unfit to grow any kind of plant. It is essential to monitor soil and check if it matches the requirements of the plant you want to grow.

Choose easy growing plants

Start off slow, some plants grow much easier than others. Others require a lot more attention and grow under narrower conditions. Plants like basil, sunflower, roses, onions, tomatoes, etc. are much easier to grow.

Go organic

Growing plants organically will give you produce different from what you can buy at the store. Even the taste difference will be obvious. This is will show you the true results of your hard work. Organic starts from seed selection all the way to fertilizers. It just requires a little bit of research.

Best of luck

Gardening is no easy hobby but it certainly keeps people well occupied. The fruit of your hard work is quite literally very sweet. Gardening provides a sense of accomplishment and drives you closer to nature in the hustling world. Utilising your time indoors to get some outdoors time is one of the best ways to keep your health in check.

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