King Tay’s Leg Up On Other Promoters

Since 2003, King Tay has promoted events across many different industries. He continues to keep his growth on a forward path to success starting from events in Montgomery County, Maryland to now promoting big events such as Wild n Out, managing club 24, Dreams Night Club and IG Musque Group King of the Year 2018. He went to the next level in 2005 when he met a Power Mogul named Hollyhood who he was able to team up with to help promote larger-scale shows performed by artists such as Trey Songz, BG and Devin The Dude. Still mentoring King Tay today, Hollyhood constantly provides bigger and better opportunities for King Tay to take his passion to new heights.

King Tay experiences have created a skill of knowledge from different industries. This experience has provided all kinds of different assets such as creative sale promotions and Webb savvy marketing plans. Due to King Tays’ wake up and grind attitude, he has been able to surpass other competition and provide clients with a passionate commitment and unified end goal. He believes the best way to promote is to excite and provoke passion in the consumer through telling an exciting story about the brand, the service, talent, or product that is personal and relatable to all.

King Tay’s accomplishments are a direct result of his efforts and grit to being the best and serving his clients with positive results that surpass expectations. You can expect to see and hear more about King Tay and the best he has to offer his clients and the stories he can tell his consumers.

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