Scooch Wingback Review – Pop Up Phone Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets

Smartphones are an investment, but not everyone is willing to protect their phone with a case. Some people opt for no protection because they don’t want its bulkiness or think that having cracks in your screen looks fantastic, while others go crazy and carry around cases that could stop bullets. I’m somewhere in between; my minimalistic case has prevented me from ever cracking my screen so far.

I was intrigued by the Scooch Wingback — a little device that sticks to the back of your phone and “pops out” into a phone grip and car mount.

What is Scooch WINGBACK?

This gadget is a Pop Up Phone Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets. It is universal and it simply sticks on the back of the phone or on the back of the case.

The Scooch Wingback is a grip that adds functionality to your phone — without the bulk. Now you can enjoy hands-free streaming, drive safer, take one-handed selfies, and jog down the street without worrying about dropping your phone!

Scooch Wingback Features

  • UNIVERSAL: Our Scooch Wingback works with almost any phone or any case. If you love your case and don’t want to get rid of it, simply stick this to the back and you’re good to go! If you want to make sure your phone can DO MORE, you need one of these.
  • KICK IT: By attaching the Wingback to the back of your phone or case, you instantly enable your device to be used hands-free in portrait or landscape mode.
  • MOUNT IT: The Wingback will instantly morph your phone or case into a car-mount-ready device. Attach it to the back of your device and mount it to a magnetic car mount like the Scooch Wingmount or in the air vents for a safer, hands-free, car.
  • GRIP IT: Attaching the Wingback to your phone or case can eliminate the pinky shelf. I bet you’re holding your phone up right now with your pinky underneath it. Right? STOP IT! By using the Wingback, you can stop using your pinky as a phone shelf and actually reach the top corners of your device
  • SUPPORT GREAT CAUSES: With each purchase of your Scooch Do More accessories, we donate 10% to programs that support victims of crime & domestic abuse

How To Install And How It Works?

The installation is really simple and takes less than 30 seconds. First, clean the cover with a wet cloth and then with a dry one. After cleaning the area, removed the adhesive liner, aligned the device near the case’s bottom, and pressed it down for a few seconds.

The Wingback is a clever phone accessory that will change the way you use your device.

It won’t damage or crack under pressure thanks to its flexibility, so if necessary, you can easily remove it from your case without a problem.

Using the Wingback is easy:

  1. Stick it to your phone case using its high-strength adhesive.
  2. Press the spring to pop out the grip.
  3. Hold your phone normally — but now you have a secure grip!

This simple little add-on gives you so much convenience.

  • It prevents drops
  • It can be used as a kickstand for movies or sharing videos
  • It can be placed in a car’s air vents to be used as a car mount
  • It lets you reach every corner of your screen with one hand (great if you have smaller hands or a large phone)
  • It’s such a useful little accessory. Don’t be surprised why it became so popular so quickly!

Scooch Wingback Review

Scooch WINGBACK is a little and cool gadget.

The installation was really simple and it took less that 30 seconds. I have installed on the back of the phone’s cover. First I cleaned the cover with a wet cloth and then with a dry one. After cleaning the area I removed the adhesive liner and aligned the device near the bottom of the case and to press it down for a few seconds.

It is really important to stick the WINGBACK  to the bottom of the phone/case in order to achieve the best stability.

Scooch WINGBACK is doing a good job as a helper for selfies because it offers extra grip when holding the phone. As a phone stand in landscape mode it is really great.

It works O.K. as a stand in portrait mode as long a I don’t touch it.  When using it as a stand in portrait mode and use the phone in the same time the phone shakes which is quite annoying.  I used the Scooch with a XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro and this is quite a large phone (6.53 inch and 199.8g).

As a car mount, it stays fixed on the vents and I am planning on testing it along with Scooch Wingmount which will offer me more flexibility.


Whether you’re after better phone holding ergonomics, a little more grip on the go, or that satisfying click of pushing the Wingback in and out, the Scooch can be quite the wingman for your smartphone experience. Get your Scooch Wingback grip now.

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