Why are people trying Spicy Honey?

Nowadays that you’ve added Sriracha to anything from mayonnaise to avocado sandwiches, Chili to fried eggs, and chili mustard to chicken tortillas; it’s period to appreciate spicy honey, a flavor that adds heat in the tastiest conceivable way putting your tongue on fire. Spicy firebee honey, a 21st-century combination of honey and jalapeño chilies, is a distinct taste perception that appears to pair with just about anything. Other sidekicks like the fermenting Korean powder gochujang and old ole grill sauce have struck a balance among sweetness and fiery for hundreds of years.

The history of spicy honey:

Kurtz was inspired to create his delectable combination while living overseas in Brazil in 2003. He observed jars of chili pepper-infused honey on the plates of a pizzeria. Diners were sprinkling it liberally on their pizzas. This became infatuation upon the first bite for Kurtz. After returning to the United States, he experimented with various chili peppers, honey varieties, and infusing processes for six years, exchanging jars with friends and family until settling on the correct recipe. Paulie Giannone, the proprietor of Paulie Gee’s, a pizzeria focusing on Neapolitan-style pies, had been an early booster, hiring Kurtz as a pizza trainee at his initial Greenpoint, Brooklyn location.

Options for endless pairings:

How could you maximize the flavor possibilities of spicy honey? “The top combo is pouring it across cheese pizza. However, it is excellent on chicken wings, combined with a cheese board, or incorporated into beverages like a hot tequila,” explains Mike Kurtz, proprietor of Mike’s Spicy Honey in Brooklyn, New York. He’s identified endless possibilities for his commodity, from Brussels sprouts and Sour cream with oats to sweet corn and quiches, as the first business to pour molten honey items on the culinary map in 2010. “Sprinkled over plain or butternut ice cream, it’s even better. The options are virtually limitless, “he declares

Spicy honey could be prepared at home:

The firebee spicy honey craze will be around for a long time. Although it cost Kurtz a couple of minutes to take the concept off the ground (he didn’t start packaging his spicy honey until 2010), numerous variants of hot honey currently exist (via Today). However, for the time being, there are only two ways to consume spicy honey: go to the supermarket retailer and grab up a labeled jar to save time, or use your preferred honey brand and make the sauce yourself. Grab up a bottle of your beloved honey and pour a comparable quantity of spicy sauce to get somehow began, and all you’re searching for is the progeny of a union among sweet and fiery. However, while honey flavors vary depending on where it is produced (via Lurie Garden), the spicy honey you make at home will likely taste somewhat too drastically different from the branded, pre-made variety you enjoy. The benefit is that if you explore, you might just hit the sweet spot among cutting costs and discovering a combination you can make at home and use on anything from savory dishes, including short ribs to desserts and cheeses.

Spicy honey will spice up the flavor of your pizza:

Whatever you get is luscious honey with a hot burst of chili that complements your plate instead of overpowering the other aromas, as different sauces do. The mix of carbs, cheese, greasy, syrup, and warmth, as a taste Voltron, creates the ideal merger of delectable vice, and it just could transform the way you eat pizza eternally.


The spicy honey craze was started by US entrepreneur Kurtz in 2009, but he didn’t begin packaging his spicy honey until 2010. Honey flavors vary depending on where it is produced, but the honey you make at home will likely taste somewhat drastically different from the pre-made variety.

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