“Lost” No More: Matthew Fox Set for Television Comeback with New Thriller from Peacock

For many of us television fanatics, Matthew Fox is now and forever will be his heroic character of Dr. Jack Sheppard from ABC’s classic series Lost. With his chiseled features meets everyman persona, it’s easy to understand why the Party of Five alum has left a mark on our collective pop culture psyche; he’s that good of an actor and it’s just plain old fun as an audience member to watch him inhabit a particular character. Although Lost left the airwaves back in 2010 and Fox has made a few slight overtures for a big screen career since stepping foot back on the mainland, it has been way too long since we’ve had our fix of this natural leading man on the boob tube. That’s all about to change soon, according to our Bone Tomahawk aficionados over at The Hollywood Reporter that have revealed this very day that Matthew Fox has just landed a ticket back to primetime…

 Fox will be joined by Joanne Froggat of Downton Abbey fame in a five act thriller series entitled Last Light from streaming platform Peacock. Based off of the best-selling novel by Alex Scarrow, Last Light is about a petrochemical engineer and his family. When the engineer becomes separated from his wife and children during a business trip in the Middle East, our erstwhile and unwitting hero catches wise to the salient fact that the planet’s oil supply has been severely compromised; this is bad for all kinds of reasons, obviously, chief among them being that this chilling discovery means that society itself is in peril of being thrown into absolute chaos. Things go from bad to worse as the family risk life and limb to find one another as the clock ticks ever closer to a global meltdown.

 Set to begin filming soon in Prague, Last Light is being produced by MGM International TV Productions in partnership with Nordic Entertainment Group’s Viaplay.

 In a press release announcing Last Light and the casting of Matthew Fox, Big Wheel Lisa Katz -whose official title is President of Scripted Content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming – who sounds suspiciously like my Travel Agent – said that Last Light is the perfect combination of an action-packed series with a compelling family drama at its heart. Led by fan-favorites Matthew Fox and Joanne Froggat, this sweeping international saga spans several continents that provide a stunning global backdrop, yet is grounded in a relatable and topical story. We can’t wait to share this with Peacock audiences.”

Welcome back to television land, Matthew Fox!

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