All you need to know about coworking spaces

Coworking has been a worldwide trend for several years now and new coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. It is literally an office that you share with others. Often these are not even colleagues, but other entrepreneurs or freelancers who are looking for company during their working day.

What is co-working?

Let’s take a closer look at the concept first. So coworking means that you share a workspace with other people. In most cases, this also means that you do not own that space, but that you rent a space. A coworking space is a broad concept. It can be a specially decorated cafe, but also a classic open space with tables or real offices.

Shared workspaces are for everyone, whether you’re self-employed or not. There are people who come to work here all by themselves, while others are looking for contacts to work with. You may find the right people in such the Coworking Spaces India can help you design a project. For many people, coworking is also just a way to stimulate themselves during a working day.

How does co-working work?

Of course, you don’t just step into a shared workspace. Often there is the option to take out a subscription. The price depends on the number of desks you need, the location and the services you use. Anyone who always works in such a coworking space usually pays a monthly fee.

The services you pay for depend on what the workspace has to offer. Usually you get a place at a table or desk, and the WiFi connection is usually included. In some cases, you also pay for printing or copying documents, or for coffee. Coworking spaces also often have meeting rooms that you can rent, possibly with a projector for a presentation.

Who does coworking?

In such a coworking space you often find all kinds of profiles mixed up:

The self-employed are the most numerous. They often have no choice: either go to a coworking space or work from home. The latter sounds very attractive, but everyone needs company once in a while. Sometimes it is also a matter of discipline, because at home there are too many things that can distract you.

Some people are constantly on the move, sometimes literally traveling the world. From time to time they do need an internet connection and the luxury of a furnished workspace.

Of course, coworking spaces are the ideal workplace for startups that do not yet need a lot of space, and who also lack the budget to buy their own office. For starters, such a coworking space is also one of the best places to network and get to know other starters.

Larger companies also sometimes encourage their employees to sit in a coworking space. After all, this is also the ideal place for them to make new contacts. Moreover, people are less and less eager to have a permanent desk in a large building. So it is also a way to keep staff productive and motivated.

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