A detailed guide regarding Season 1 of the Burning Crusade Arena!

Season 1 of the Burning Crusade Arena has kick started, bringing together the best fighters from around Outland to battle in three arenas namely the Circle of Blood in the Blade’s Edge Mountains, the Ring of Trials in Nagrand, and the Ruins of Lordaeron above Undercity.

There is a lot to play for – mounts, gears, rewards and much more.So, all you have to do is make it into the arena and put your best strategies into play. Now, before you proceed any further, you must get familiar with the functioning of Arena system in the season 1.

Key honor system updates for Burning Crusade Classic

The classic honor system in The Burning Crusade lets players to engage in PvP combat and receive rewards by claiming honor points, which may be accumulated and used like cash on rewards, armour and weapons.

There is no longer any ranking system linked with the honor system in Burning Crusade Classic, thus you don’t have to worry about preserving your rank or standing. Players that want to rank up by fighting other players can do so in the Arena system, which is Burning Crusade Classic’s principal form of competitive PvP.

Honor points, unlike the Honor system in WoW Classic, accrue like cash (like gold and silver) and do not depreciate over time. This allows you to work for PvP prizes at your own speed, which you may buy after you’ve earned sufficient points.

You may earn up to 75,000 honor points until they stop coming or until you spend all of them. The number of honor points necessary for each prize varies. The honor cost is the most significant portion of the item’s cost for most items, however certain Battlegrounds’ Marks of Honor may come into play.

Lastly, dishonorable kills are no longer permitted. Because NPCs are no longer configured as civilians across the globe, killing them will not affect your ability to earn honor points.

In a similar way to the conventional honor system, you can put your hands on the honor points. The game keeps track of your engagement in both world PvP and Battlegrounds PvP. You acquire honor by killing opponents and assisting your teammates in combat. Daily missions and some recurring quests can also give you honor points.

Now that we are familiar with the most crucial honor system updates for Burning crusade classic , lets proceed with the other critical components and elements of the game.


You can prepare for arenas by speaking with an Arena Battlemaster after your team of 2, 3, or 5 players is set to go. All of the Arena Teams start with a 0 team rating and must work their way up. The importance of communication and cooperation holds the key here.

Personal rating criteria will be required to acquire some PvP goods in Season 1 in addition to the Arena point cost. Even if your personal rating falls below the benchmark after purchase, you will still be allowed to outfit it. While Shoulders come up with a 2000 personal rating requirement, Weapons require a personal rating of 1850.

Arena points, which can be used to buy Arena gear, are given out during the weekly reset and are awarded to the team with the highest points. To earn Arena points, your personal rating must be inside 150 points of your team’s rating, you must have played at least 10 games, and participated in 30% of your team matches the previous week.


Vendors will make their products available to you once you have earned enough Arena points. To find them, go to Nagrand’s Ring of Trials, Netherstorm’s Area 52 or Blade’s Edge Mountains’ Circle of Blood,


Qualified players are entitled for rewards, based on their ranking at the end of each Arena season. Season 1 introduces a new title, the “Infernal Gladiator,” and players who finish first in their zone will earn the following seasonal rewards:

  • Infernal gladiator (Top 0.1 percent )
  • Gladiator (Top 0.5 percent )
  • Duelist (top 0.5 percent – 3 percent)
  • Rival (top 3 percent – 10 percent)
  • Challenger (top 10 percent – 35 percent)

Infernal Gladiator and Gladiator title holders will also get a Swift Nether Drake mount, which is an incredibly speedy ride that is only accessible for Season 1.

Your personal arena rating must be within 100 points of your team’s rating, and you must have played in 20% of your team’s games to qualify for seasonal rewards.

Besides, to claim these seasonal rewards, players must win at least 50 games. After a season has finished and a new one has begun, Arena gear from the previous season can be purchased without requiring a specific rating.

Final word

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