Do Kids Learn Piano Faster Than Adults?

You are often told of how you’d have stuck with piano lessons at a young age. Or still, you will hear people argue that being a little bit old is a significant hindrance to the learning process. Both statements irk, regardless of the person being told. 

The truth is:

There is some slight difference in how a kid and an adult would learn piano. There are proven instances where kids learn faster than adults. 


I still believe it’s not as black as it’s been painted. I will try to demystify the myths around adult lessons and the differences in both stages of learning. 

Difference 1- Self-drive

The truth is, most kids take these piano lessons either because of their curiosity or because it’s a directive by the parents. 

As an adult, the drive to take piano lessons comes from within. You want to finish your lessons to take up some job, or just have the knowledge. 

The fact that as an adult, you pay for your lessons makes it even more motivating. You wouldn’t want to waste your precious time and money, of course. 

Of course, some kids have just as much commitment as adults, but the percentage is relatively low. 

Difference 2- Choice of music and school

It is usually easy and faster if you know what you want. I mean, as an adult, you already know the kind of music you want to play and the lessons you need. Unlike adults, kids have little experience and gamble with so many things before finally settling on what they love and need. 

Generally, kids will need an essential lesson book to kickstart their piano lessons. Adults are a bit more flexible and would quickly take up any music while learning to play the piano. 

The above scenarios point to the fact that adults could easily;y mater piano lessons. 

However, I want to digress a little bit and show you why kids are fast learners. 

Learning is a lot easier before puberty.

Several studies have shown that before puberty, we not only learn so much but equally faster. Everyone is different, and even after puberty, they might still find learning so easy and exciting. 

There are scenarios of parents and their kids moving to different countries. The kids learn the local languages with ease while their parents struggle to master even the most basic words. 

As opposed to adults, children learn almost everything faster. The reason is that their brains are more fluid and capable of absorbing new information than those of adults. 

While adults are more committed to what they do, children equally take enough time and focus on one learning.  

Piano lessons for kids have many advantages that would make it relatively easy to learn. From work ethics, bulldog self-confidence to adapting to a new learning environment, kids have everything going on w well for them. 

In conclusion;
Kids maybe a little bit slower than adults. However, if they stick to the same school and instructors, they will be very skilled in the instrument.

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