What are the Different Azure Certifications?

Today’s technical world is running with cloud services. Can you believe that cloud computing can offer companies unparalleled ability to speedily scale up on virtual services like computing power and storage on-demand? The answer is yes; it is possible with Azure cloud services that involve SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Services), and PaaS (Platform as a service). Azure services are becoming more important day by day as it is commonly used as a platform for hosting the database in the cloud. 

Azure services are beneficial for individuals and organizations to get easy access to tools that were once complicated and expensive to implement. Azure offers you reasonable and affordable services where you only pay for what you use. These services are highly secure according to data privacy law that too comes with many accelerators to enable rapid implementation of solutions. We can use Azure services at a global scale so that solutions can seamlessly flex from small to a very large scale. It also helps you manage your network worldwide through artificial intelligence. 

So, Azure services are quite beneficial for businesses; therefore, there is a high demand for certified Azure experts. There are several Azure certifications you can opt for and kick start your journey to become an Azure professional. In this article, we are going to discuss a few important Azure certifications that can help you gain expertise in using Azure services.

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Types of Azure Certifications

Azure certifications are mainly provided by Microsoft. It has announced some changes in its azure role-based certifications like Azure solution architect, Azure Administrator, Azure developer, Azure AI Engineer. It has also introduced three new certifications. So now Microsoft is offering 12 certifications with 14 exams which are categorized into three levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Let us know more about these certifications. 

Fundamental-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications- This category includes the following certifications:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamental Exam AZ-900- This primary certification is specially designed to validate the basic knowledge level of azure cloud services. This fundamental certification also helps non-technical candidates to gain a deep understanding of cloud services like purchasing, sales, and marketing azure cloud services. It includes topics such as foundational cloud concepts, Azure firewall, azure subscription, regions, Availability Zones, Azure resources, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam AI-900- This certification exam validates your knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and how to implement them on Microsoft Azure. It covers topics such as AI workloads and considerations,  features of computer vision workloads on Azure, and common AI workloads, basic principles of machine learning on Azure, features of conversational AI workloads on Azure, identify Azure tools and services for computer vision tasks and identify Azure tools and services for NLP workloads, etc. 

Associate-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications- In this category, the certifications are:

  • Azure Administrator Associate Exam AZ-104- It is the updated version of Microsoft Azure Administrator Az-103. This certification validates the capabilities and knowledge of the candidates in the configuration and management of computing, Virtual networking, storage, and monitoring within the Azure environment. It covers topics such as Azure AD objects, storage accounts and data in Azure storage, Azure blob storage, configure Azure files, create and configures VMs, web apps, and containers, manage and configure virtual networking, backup, and monitor Azure resources, etc. 
  • Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam AZ-204- It is the latest version of the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate AZ-203 exam that validates the designing, creating, and testing capabilities of Azure-based services and apps. To achieve this certification, candidates must have 1 or 2 years of development experience with proficiency in data connections and storage, debugging, monitoring, Azure SDKs, and performance tuning, etc. 
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer- Associate Exam AZ-500- This certification is specially designed for candidates who manage and implement identity, security controls, and access management. These candidates are responsible for managing and securing cloud-based solutions, apps, cloud data, and networks. They may also secure a hybrid cloud solution. To gain this certification, firm skills in automation and scripting, a good understanding of virtual networking and virtualization technology, and familiarity with Microsoft cloud services and products are required. 
  • Azure AI Engineer- Associate Exam AI-100- This certification course is designed for those candidates who implement Microsoft AI solutions like natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning, knowledge mining, etc. It covers topics such as Developing AI pipelines, monitoring AI components for availability, maintaining AI solutions for improvements, selecting the processing architecture, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist- Associate Exam DP-100- This certification helps you learn about designing and implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure. It also helps you to apply the Azure machine learning approaches in the evaluation, training, and deployment of models to solve business issues. It covers topics such as build and configure Azure data science environments, perform feature selection, extraction, and scaling, identify data imbalance, evaluates model performance, splitting datasets, etc. 
  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer- Associate Exam DP-200 and DP-201- Implementing an Azure Data solution- This certification is specially designed to implement data solutions that involve provisioning of data storage services, develop streaming, batch data processing, implement data retention policies, implement security requirements, and access external data sources. This certification is all about implementing relational and non-relational data storage solutions, developing streaming and batch processing solutions, etc.

DP-201- Designing An Azure Data Solution-  This certification helps engineers to design data storage, data security, data processing, and compliance solutions for Azure services. It covers topics such as design relational and non-relational cloud data stores, design security solutions such as encryption, auditing, and privacy of the data, etc. 

  • Microsoft Azure database Administrator Associate Exam DP-300- It is a role-based Azure certification that can be ideal for people who are interested in administering cloud-based database systems. It covers topics such as plan and implements resources of data platform, implements a secure database environment, Monitor activities, review queries, index design, and database tables, etc.

Expert-Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

  • Azure Certified Solutions Architect- This certification also contains two types of exams: 

Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies –  It is the updated version of the former Azure Solution Architect AZ-300 exam that can validate the capabilities of managing Azure cloud services. 

Exam Az-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design- It is also an updated version of the former Azure Solution architect Design AZ-301 exam. 

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer-Expert Exam AZ-400- This certification is designed for DevOps professionals who bring processes, people, and technologies together to deliver valuable products and services in order to meet business objectives and requirements. It covers topics such as tool integration process, design secure development lifecycle, version control, and mobile DevOps strategy, analysis and management to host infrastructure, implement infrastructure as code, compliance, and security of the infrastructure, etc.

So, one who wants to make a career in cloud services through Azure can opt for any of the above-mentioned certification exams as per their choice, experience, and market demand to become a successful Azure expert.

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