Preston Dent emboldens his brand with Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine

Preston Dent emboldens his brand with Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine

Preston Dent is a ‘soul survivor’ and natural-born leader of his family. Born underneath abnormal circumstances and unfair life odds, Preston Dent was born with matchless survival instincts. Young black males navigate life’s biggest landmines and adopt a eat or be eaten mentality.    

Incarceration, targeted felonies, police brutality, and unequal employment clouds hover over their heads every single day. Every second is evaluated in the most intense measurements, and missteps are met with fatal consequences.    

This type of unthinkable pressure creates diamonds of creativity amongst African Americans. African Americans’ view of the world is seen through a very distinct life lens. Spike Lee, John Singleton, Ava Duvernay, Jordan Peele, and more have created iconic visuals of inspiration and aspiration for all of us to witness.    

Black Film Director

Black Film Director and Amazon Best Selling author Preston Dent create his own lane in TV/Film, Hollywood, and online media.  Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine is the brainchild of Preston Dent. Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine curates and publishes media based upon cultural impact, quality of content, and public demand.    

Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine echoes the emotions, feelings, and spirit of truth-seeking readers. Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine narrates media coverage involving social justice, music, business, the black technology, TV/Film, and philanthropic ventures.   

Preston Dent’s unrivalled vision

Preston Dent’s unrivalled vision enables him to create, produce, and distribute visual content which challenges consumer’s principal faith and beliefs, emotional intelligence and stimulates their passion for life.    

Preston Dent’s business empire continues to thrive, empower, and educate pop culture in 2021. Preston Dent recently inked a joint venture monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS develops effective unorthodox monetization solutions for entrepreneurs. 

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