HCG Weight Loss Treatment in Palm Desert: An honest conversation with Dr. Sophia Alexandros

Summer is almost over but let’s be honest, most of our summer goals in regards to weight loss feel more like a losing battle with dieting and willpower that has led many residents of Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert to seek medical weight loss rememdies.

Recent statistics point to increasing numbers of overweight people seeking the elusive easier way to lose stubborn pounds while  under the supervision of medical specialists and clinicians.

To be sure, medical-supervised weight loss come with a higher price tag than the usual fad dieting but not all medically-supervised methods yield significant results. Rancho Mirage physician Dr. Sophia Alexandros cautions prospective weight loss patients to do their homework before paying for treatments.

“In most offices, you may see the doctor only for 5 minutes and don’t get a chance to ask detailed questions,” said Alexandros in her offices at the Desert Rejuvenation Clinic where a couple patients had recently arrived to pursue HGC treatments under her supervision.

“I feel as a medical professional, we should strive to put our patient first and to me that means always making the patient confortable with expressing all their questions. The medical weight loss field is definitely a collaborative effort between doctor and patient and ideally, patients should feel their doctor is at their side and actively supporting their journey, “ Alexandros continued.

As the medical director and owner of Desert Rejuvenation & Integrative Medical Clinic in Rancho Mirage, Dr. Alexandros offers several different weight loss programs instead of just one program.

“We have seven different weight loss programs which include different diets and injections for the case your unique body may develop tolerance to one particular approach, “ Alexandros explained along with detailing her  unique approach with her patients.

“I’m an M.D. whose focus is on helping people obtain amazing health without all of the Big Pharma hypes and medications that treat symptoms and not the causes. I believe that there is a natural cure for almost everything and toward that end, I include allopathic, homeopathic, and naturopathic remedies.”

Even with her multi-faceted approach to weight loss, Dr. Alexandros points to the overwhelming popularity of human chorionic gonadotropin injections (HCG). Alexandros was the first physician to utilize HCG in the Desert Cities and has utilized HCG in her practice since 1985.

Alexandros’ hCG treatments fall in line with her preference for natural approaches to weight loss. Ironically, hCG is a natural hormone the body makes during pregnancy that causes weight loss. Alexandros’ brings this promise of a more natural approach to the hCG diet and injections she offers her patients. 

“With my hCG protocols, women usually lose about a half pound a day, while men lose a pound and half – though it’s the women who more quickly show more inches lost, “ Alexandros explained.

What can patients expect when entering one of your weight loss programs?

Dr. Sophia Alexandros also pointed out that any hCG patient consider the entire treatment process which is more than a simple injection or diet.  Alexandros points how that weight loss patients often cheat between visits and this can destroy the effectiveness of the whole process.

“Patients who come to my office are weighed in a robe always to calibrate their exact weight loss. We also require our patients to come in 3 times a week for injection instead of just once. This is how we control that a patient isn’t cheating between visits.”

According to Alexandros, some cheating patients even go so far as to take a diuretic before arriving for their weigh-in but their muscle mass will tell the truth.

Alexandros’ large number of satisfied weight loss patients attest to her careful approach, however, such effective treatment comes with a price.

“Our rates can range from 400 (21 day) to 600 (or 42 day of treatment) or more depending on time needed to reach their goal. If a patient’s goal is not reached, we change their diet for 6 weeks, then we revert back to HCG if they need to lose more weight, “ Alexandros concluded.

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