Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Hotel in Orlando, Florida

We spent three nights at the Disney Port Orleans resort before moving into our four-bedroom villa with our friends. We had inter-connection rooms, which were large and furnished with two king-size beds. In addition, the Bayou Room has 963 troll beds, although an extra night is charged for its use. The rooms had air conditioning, radio, hairdryer, telephone, in-house movie, television (color), mini-bar, television (cable).

Port Orleans Riverside is themed as a riverboat landing from before the Old Civil War. Hotel rooms in the “Magnolia Bend” area or in the more proletarian homes of the “Alligator Beau” are designed like the Antebellum Mansion. The Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel is located in the Downtown Disney Resort area, 32 km from Orlando International Airport. The hotel’s restaurant and entertainment area itself are themed for riverboat landings. In fact, when you check-in at the hotel, you feel like you are booking a ride on a riverboat heading south down a mighty river. It’s a very large resort, but since it’s divided into two areas, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

I’ll be here because it’s close to all the attractions. The huge pool for the kids was also awesome. Located in the middle of the resort, the deep south-themed pool area as an old reservoir was a fun place to swim and it is convenient for guests at the resort. There are several more pools scattered here. Fishing, boating (on the Pascagoula River), an archway, and other activities are available. Riverside, too, has a general store to buy sundries and souvenirs.

Being in the resort area, all the parks have easy access. We had a car, but for those who do not have transportation, free transportation is available from this hotel. It is convenient to travel while staying at the Disney Florida resort hotels. No car is required. Of course, if you want to visit Universal Studios, check out the reception to see if there is free transportation. However, the taxi service is cheap and reliable if you do not want to rent a car.

This is a high-quality hotel that I would recommend to any family wishing to vacation in a Disney resort area in Orlando, Florida. So, if you are thinking of booking to go to Orlando, consider staying at a Disney hotel for a few nights.

Great Florida Resort Hotel You Don’t Want To Miss!

Florida Resort Hotels ranks among the best in the world when it comes to style, design, value for money. Quality customer service welcomes you and attends to your every need during your stay. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re after Glitz and Glamor or just quality at an affordable price.

So, where will you be in this tropical paradise? Here’s a handy pick of what’s available to enjoy.

Ocean Point Suite in Key Largo

The resort is located in the middle of an acre0 acre of mangrove forest and has some picturesque nature trails on its soil, which attracts both children and adults. It has its own small private beach, perfect if you want to be close to the little ones. The suits are of high quality and generous size.

Mariners Resort Villas & Marina, Resort Largo

The mariner has a seafront location and provides gated security. It’s close to some of the island’s award-winning restaurants, but you can cook your own delicious barbecue at one of the many grills located around the resort. The lagoon-style swimming pool is the largest of the Florida resorts.

Banana Resort & Marina, Marathon

The Kala Bay Hotel is located next to the sunset bay of the Marathon. It is located among the beautifully maintained tropical gardens, which are home to a wide variety of birds. You can sing and listen to these colorful birds during the day. They offer a delicious admirable breakfast by the pool every morning.

The southernmost of the resort west

Southernmost is a nice little quiet hotel but a slap in the middle of Resort West old town on Duval Street. You can’t be too immersed in Resort Waste Life. The hotel is a great base for sightseeing in the old town. Although it is in the city center, the hotel has two small pools. If you really want to get off with the locals then staying here will give you a real experience of the resort.

Casa Marina Resort & Beach Club

Casa Marina is one of the original Florida resort hotels and one of the Greatest. It is listed in the Register for Hist Historic Places and offers something special and different. There is nothing that is not in this hotel. A great grand dining room, sea-facing bars, and rooms are simply stunning.

You know where to stay – what to do here! Now that you know some places in Florida resorts where can you do it? There are beaches, parks, attractions, and diving just to name a few. Did you know that scuba diving in Key Largo is absolutely awesome? And what about that resort West Beach! And shopping! And more!

Disney Resort Hotel vs. Disney Holiday Villa

Good choice! There’s a lot to do in Orlando, it’s usually a case of managing to adjust to it, but you need to make a few important decisions before you go on vacation.

If you plan to visit Disney World resorts, it is very easy to talk about staying in their on-site hotels. This is fine for many people or couples but if you travel in a large group it can sometimes become a big expense that you don’t necessarily need to spend.

In the vicinity of the Disney area, there are many holiday villas that are privately owned, and the owners leave them to people visiting the area on their holidays. A privately owned villa near Disney brings you extra privacy, your own kitchen, private bedroom and usually they have a private pool area.

The option of staying in a holiday villa near Disney means that you can come and go to the resort whenever you like, so you can do it within a 10-20 minute drive if you need time and rest. Often, if you are in a Disney hotel, it can be difficult to stay away from all the excitement of the resort and go to constant heights as you cannot relax.

Privately owned holiday villas near Disney are often within a small community. This means that many facilities like restaurants, shops and gas stations are easily available if you need them. They often bring small garden areas so you can enjoy the good weather while resting!

One of the main advantages of a privately owned villa is that you can schedule your meals as you wish. Since they bring their own kitchen area you can tailor your meal days to your meals, rather than planning your day at mealtimes.

Some of the benefits of staying in a privately owned holiday villa near Disney when traveling to Orlando.

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