5 Most Common Types of Catering Services

Spot on provision of food is essential for the success of an event. But we are well aware that managing it all by yourself can be quite overwhelming. This is why most people prefer hiring best catering services in Dubai to handle their menu at least. However, choosing a caterer that meets your needs is no easy feat either. Especially with the wide variety of food options available, it can get a little tough to choose.

But fret not, because today, we’re going to discuss different types of catering. We hope that this will make it easier for you to choose your desired one. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at them:

Corporate Catering

Corporate events are undoubtedly one of the toughest ones to organize as the reputation of your company is at stake. These gatherings may range from small ones to fancy dinners and require a specific layout when organizing them. Every company has their own preference and likes the event to be organized as per their likings.

Generally, corporate events are formal that are meant to appear elegant and relaxing. So, hiring a well-reputed corporate caterer can greatly help you in creating such ambiance as they have hands-on experience in organizing such events.

Wedding Catering

One of the most common forms of catering that almost everyone knows about is wedding catering. The most crucial aspect of organizing a wedding is managing the food being served during the reception. Being a large scale gathering, you need proper caterers to handle the job as inexperienced ones can jeopardize the whole function.

Moreover, wedding events can turn out to be tricky because sometimes the number of guests can suddenly increase. Therefore, you should hire such caterers that have food ready at their disposal so in case of an emergency, they can fulfill the increased food demand.

Other than the food, the caterers are also responsible for arranging the seating set-up, tables and displays; you should always inquire about their prior experience before hiring them.

Concession Catering

Concession catering is the type of catering that is carried out at major sporting events, public events, community gatherings, concerts and other festivals. Basically, whenever you can spot large crowds of people gathered at a place with food being served, this type of catering is concession catering. 

These caterers mostly serve fast foods as they’re almost everyone’s favorite. So, instead of hosting the event by a single catering service, different caterer’s set up food stalls as vendors and guests can buy whichever food they like. The vendors try to attract as many guests as they can therefore, they sell the most favorite and popular foods at such events.

Even though planning these events can be a nightmare, with the right menu choice, you can undoubtedly make a fortune while at the same time make sure everyone goes happy and well fed.

Catering for Social Events

Catering for birthdays, housewarming parties, retirement parties, baby & bridal showers and every other kind of social gathering comes into the category of social event catering. As these gatherings are more intimate and private, the catering has to be more personalized.

Social event caterers work in accordance with your preferences and serve food that you want. Moreover, due to the small size of these events, these caterers also prepare special food for people that are on a dietary restriction. Similarly, they also consider the cultural & religious beliefs while preparing the food.

Unlike wedding & concession catering, social event caterers don’t need a large number of staff to serve food. This is because of the small size of these events.

Food Truck Catering

A relatively newer kind of catering that has gained popularity over the past couple of years is food truck catering. This catering is the best option for outdoor events. So, if you’re looking for party catering services, consider hiring food truck caterers.

The number of food trucks depends on the size and scale of the party. For example, if you’re organizing a small outdoor party, then one truck will be enough. This type of catering is perfect for casual outdoor events or gatherings such as small concerts where the crowd don’t prefer to sit & eat.

These are just a few types of catering services that you can choose from based on your needs. Other than these, the caterers can make customized offers for you too.

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