Will He or Won’t He: Actor Andrew Garfield Plays It Coy About Whether Or Not He Will Appear In Upcoming Movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

It’s the question on everyone’s lips as of late: Will actor Andrew Garfield reprise his Peter Parker/Spider-Man role from his 2012 and 2014 film efforts (also known as The Amazing Spider-Man I and II, respectively) and swing across the rooftops of good ol’ NYC alongside multiversal doppelgangers Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home? I’ve not been so subjected to inner-geek fanboy neurosis since Claire Danes sped away with Jared Leto in the final episode of My So-Called Life, leaving perennial loser Devon Gummersall (and the audience) questioning what exactly would happen next. Hopefully fans of the famed wall-crawler won’t have to wait over a quarter of a century for the answer in this particular instance, but that doesn’t mean that the Oscar nominated Garfield is playing it any less coy with audiences as he teases an appearance that may or may not happen, according to our Hush-Hush magazine aficionados over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 Garfield faced off on Monday evening against the Morley Safer of the late night talk show circuit Jimmy Fallon as he was grilled about the validity of an apparently leaked online image of himself on the set of No Way Home. The Hacksaw Ridge star stood his ground during his entire The Tonight Show appearance as Fallon good-naturedly refused to believe that there was any scenario where Garfield does not appear in the new movie.

Addressing the controversial photograph, Garfield said that he had “heard about it. And I did see it. And it’s a Photoshop.” Fallon was having none of what the young actor was trying to serve him and continued to press him as he conceded he really didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up over a leaked image. “I am trying to manage expectations and you say, ‘No,’” Garfield laughed.

 Garfield went on to praise the first trailer for the movie, going as far as to say he felt the new Spidey, Tom Holland, was “the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so I am super stoked.”

 So, will he or won’t he? The proof will be in the proverbial Christmas pudding as Spider-Man: No Way Home spins a web of action and mystery for audiences on December 17. Now if we could only get some sort of resolution for My So-Called Life fans…

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