What Is The Most Expensive Car Part?

These days most car parts are expensive to replace. But still, there are some parts that are so expensive that it might be smarter to just buy a new car. We are going to go over all of the most expensive car parts that you might need to replace so that you approach them with more caution. Of course, you should keep in mind that while new car parts are very expensive, if the replacement is unavoidable, you should consider buying the used car parts, especially since these days you can even buy used car parts online, avoiding the hassle of going to the actual market.

The Engine

It should be no surprise that replacing a car’s engine is going to be the most expensive. It is usually also the most expensive car part to repair. These procedures could cost you up to $10,000 or even more, depending on your car. This is the case where replacing an entire car might be a better decision financially.


Transmission is extremely important for your car, almost as important as the engine since without it you can not maneuver your wheels. Although repairing or replacing a transmission is less expensive than the engine, it could still cost you way over $5000.

Car Batteries

Now, this only concerns those car owners who drive electric cars. While these cars are better for the environment, they are not necessarily cheap to maintain. If your batteries need to be changed, expect to pay up to $6000. Usually, you will need to replace them at the end of their 10-year lifespan, but with cars, you can never be too sure.


Replacing a camshaft could cost you up to $4000. And we are only including the price of the camshaft itself, without adding the labor costs. The camshaft is a part of the engine that is responsible for preventing dust and dirt buildup. It can be replaced without having to replace an entire engine, but clearly, that does not make it less pricey.


Turbochargers can cost anywhere from $500-$2500. Turbochargers provide power and conserve fuel. Contrary to the popular belief, they are not just for sports cars and are used in a variety of cars. It is one of the most expensive car parts to replace, especially when you add the costs of using a professional to replace it.


Getting a car is a very important financial decision, but clearly maintaining it can also cost you a lot of money. The car prices, as well as the prices for car parts, are expected to remain high in the years to come. This is exactly why used car parts are so common these days. Used parts are usually priced relatively well and if you do your research in advance and buy from a trustworthy website or a seller, these parts are very likely to serve you as well as the brand new car part might have.

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