What Is The Average Age Of Someone Getting Married For The First Time In The United States?

The United States Census Bureau recently released statistics that had the entire country buzzing. The data revealed the average age of Americans at their first wedding by sex and state. If you are curious about these figures and wonder whether experts recommend a specific age for first-time wedding couples, you are not alone.

Most Americans are now turning to experts like Beverly Hills matchmaking services for advice surrounding this very sensitive and personal issue. This post will delve into the United States Census Bureau data and answer some common questions arising from the information. As you dive into the research, keep in mind that marriage is very personal and intimate, and the correct answer for you is different from anyone else’s.

Average Age Of First Time Newlyweds In The United States

Statistics show that Americans are waiting longer than in the past to get married. Currently, the average American woman gets married at 27.8 years while the American man marries at 29.8 years. The passage of time has not reversed trends that see men generally get married when much older than women, although the gap between the two has closed significantly.

The average age of first-time newlyweds varies between the sexes and from state to state as well. There has been a steady rise in the age of people for the first time since the 1920s when couples typically married younger. There has also been a decrease in the age difference between men and women getting married for the first time over the decades.

An in-depth investigation of individuals aged between 25 and 34 revealed that 15% of them were in a committed relationship with an unmarried partner with whom they lived. The lack of social pressure surrounding the ‘living in sin’ narrative has allowed the youth to explore romantic relationships without marriage as an end goal.

What Affects the Age of First Time Marriage In The United States

The age of first-time newlyweds in America has been affected by various factors over the years. Men, on average, marry later than women due to social pressure on women to settle down earlier, while men are encouraged to ‘sow wild oats. Individuals in rural areas were found to marry much earlier than their counterparts in the urbanized areas.

Religious beliefs also significantly affect the age of first-time newlyweds. Individuals with strong religious ties were found to marry at a consistently younger age than their less religious peers. Level of education was yet another factor influencing the age of first-time marriage. Less-educated individuals were found to be more likely to marry younger than their highly educated counterparts.

In the modern world, the age of first-time marriage has been freed from some factors like religious and cultural beliefs. Individuals are attaching more weight to financial elements, career development, and personal fulfillment when considering the proper age for marriage. Ultimately, the correct period for you to get married depends entirely on you and your chosen partner.

How To Decide The Right Age To Get Married

There is no magical age at which marriage will sprout perfectly. The right age to get married is highly personalized and depends on a variety of factors. To arrive at the right decision, you will have to analyze your individual social, economic, religious, cultural, and political profile and then juxtapose that with your significant other’s profile.

Suppose you find that both of you have inflexible or highly opposing profiles. In that case, you may want to wait until you learn to merge your differing socio-economic, political, and religious profiles. The right age for marriage is when a couple has the ability to conquer their differences and challenges thrust on their way without turning on each other.

How Marriage Will Affect Your Finances

Financial factors are playing a significant role in the age at which people choose to get married. Individuals carrying large amounts of student or consumer credit card debt are considered unattractive partners in marriage. Such people prefer to discharge their debts before getting married whenever possible.

The merging of expenses, debts, and liabilities into a couple’s profile can end up saving couples money. The risk factor attached to debts owed by unmarried individuals is much higher than that of married couples. Marriage often yields many benefits and savings where expenses like insurance and tax are concerned. The only way to go through marriage hurdles is through proper planning. After all, this is a lifetime commitment.

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