Dr. Andy Khawaja Released Forbes Article on Allied Wallet and Its Workplace Culture

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world, released an article with Forbes on positive workplace culture.

Dr. Khawaja has been honored all over the world for his entrepreneurial success and his ability to lead. He has been recognized on the covers of hundreds of magazines for his multi billion-dollar payment services company, Allied Wallet.

His Forbes article is titled, “Four Ways CEOs Can Build A More Positive Workplace” in which Dr. Andy Khawaja highlights several key ideas such as:

  • Roll Your Sleeves up
  • Train Versus Fire
  • Teach Success Versus Encourage Failure
  • Fixing Problems Versus Pointing Fingers

Dr. Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet take pride in their positive workplace and team morale, and they encourage other CEOs and companies to consider their suggestions.

“I think many CEOs forget about how important their employees are to them; so much so that they forget to be a part of their own workplace,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja, “But the best way to understand it is to participate and see first-hand what works and what doesn’t.”

The four tips that Dr. Andy Khawaja offers should prove effective for CEOs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and Forbes readers all over the world.

The tech billionaire ended his article by saying, “Morale is very important to building a successful team and a successful company – and it’s something all CEOs, no matter how successful, must hold in high regard.”

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