What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Clarissa Explains It All’

OK, so I just found something out about Paramount+. I’m probably going to be subscribing soon to watch Champions League soccer. Because of that, I got curious about what shows I could watch on there to get more bang for my buck. As such, I figured I would see if there were any shows worth bingeing. It turns out that there are a lot of classic Nickelodeon shows on Paramount+. This, as they say, changes everything.

I have an affinity for ‘90s Nickelodeon. I even wrote a book on the subject. Now, I am well-versed in these shows, but it still gave me a hit of excitement to see all I could watch. I mean, they have Salute Your Shorts! Is that show good? No, but I have seen so little of it in the last 25 years! It’s a blast from the past.

The show I am going to recommend, though, is Clarissa Explains It All. If I were ranking the ‘90s Nick shows it would probably be my third favorite. It legitimately is a good show sans nostalgia. Melissa Joan Hart stars as Clarissa Darling, a ‘90s fashion icon with an unexpectedly high level of programming skills. The show is basically her navigating teenage life. She has a best friend named Sam who comes through her window on a ladder. Her younger brother Ferguson is annoying and bratty and Republican. There are antics and fun visuals and more references to They Might Be Giants than most kids’ shows.

Five seasons of Clarissa Explains It All are on Paramount+. For bingeing purposes, I might skip the first season. It’s not a show you need to watch all of. Just watch a couple seasons over the weekend, get that theme song stuck in your head, and relive the glory of the ‘90s. Way cool.

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